# winter is coming

Joe and I consider ourselves masters of adaptation. We have used charades to find an apartment in China. We’ve hauled our pale butts to the warm sands of South Beach. (Torture, I know.) We’ve made friends with neighbors when looking for a corkscrew in Italy. (Chris…) We manage to make whatever situation we’re in work and we love the adventure that comes with being nomadic. That’s why finding out we’ll be moving to Utah next month didn’t really phase us at all. Except for the cold.

Can we please talk about winter?

Things really seemed real to us when we spoke with a couple about a property and they said they spend the… “SEVEN or EIGHT months of winter in Hawaii.” I’ll let that sink in. …  7 or 8. … 2/3 of our year will be winter. I can’t even let my brain go there right now.

After spending most of our together-time (haha) in subtropical climates, Joe and I are not really on board with winter in general. Most people respond to Joe with “But you grew up in Michigan?!” and to this Joe replies, “that just means I know how horrible it is.” Me, on the other hand? Cincinnati’s snowstorms are the closest I’ve been to madness, until now.

Winter. Is. Coming.

Game of Thrones Marci and Joe
Photo credit  Bad Photoshop credit? All me.

Oh hey, Joe Snow. Unfortunately, this move won’t be like watching or reading Game of Thrones where you ask yourself “is Winter ever really coming?”

There are so many wonderful things about Utah that we’re excited to experience, but I assure you there are some anti-cold posts in this blog’s near future. Outdoor football games in November and December? Bring it on. Walking my dog in feet of snow for months? Sure…Bella loves snow. I know we’ll adjust. That thin blood we developed in Florida will adapt in time, but until then you can find me wearing snow pants under a heated blanket until Spring arrives. Pass the hot chocolate.


# resolute

This is going to sound incredibly cliche, but my a-ha moment came on New Year’s Eve. I’ve always been one for inner reflection and there’s no better time to do that as one year comes to a close. And as I started to think about 2012, I realized for the first time in my life I wasn’t content with what it had yielded. I had spent half the year dreaming of “what ifs” and the other half of the year in a job whose commute left me drained/exhausted/cranky. I had also spent the year rejoicing, mourning, and problem solving with my closest friends on their big life events and had neglected myself in the process. No one’s fault but mine and I vowed that night to change it all.

2013 was going to be the Year of Marci…or the Year of Marci and Joe.

And now, halfway through, I’m thrilled to report on the changes that have made all the difference:

Recipes, Restaurants and Recreation, oh my!

I’m a cookbook and recipe horder. (Thanks, Mom!) One look at my Pinterest boards and you’ll quickly see my dilemna: Too much food, too little time. Quick resolution #1: Try new recipes, break in those books on the shelves and give Pinterest a run for its money. This was the easiest change, and maybe the most fun in many ways. We’ve also cut back on going out to eat. Before, we weren’t really monitoring or planning evenings out and now we’re much more intentional with our time, money and calories. And, speaking of calories…it was time to get back to the gym. In Miami I was in the best shape of my life, but one Frank Gehry building, two surgeries and a move to Virginia later, I could no longer even see the Bandwagon from the dust. I’m not a big diet person…they don’t work for me, I don’t like them and I have never wanted anyone telling me what to eat or not eat. Hitting the gym is really the best way to keep things in check and I actually like getting sweaty with strangers. (Wait, that sounds wrong.) I love that I’m back on a schedule, have Joe’s incredible support and am now down 20 pounds since January 1. Slow and steady, baby.

Me Time v. We Time

Part of having a horrible commute (and I’m talking over an hour and a half, one way) is that your time away from work is suddenly very precious. Before I started working, I was able to talk to my friends and family every week for hours–something I’ve always loved–but when that daily trek started in, I had to cut back. I don’t talk to everyone via phone that much during the week and….I love it. I save weekends for the long catch-up sessions I want and need, but have saved those “school nights” to recharge my batteries and give back to myself. It made me feel selfish at first, but I knew it needed to happen and I spend so much more time with Joe and Bella…*bonus*.

Express yo’self

All five of you reading this were probably the loyal readers of my former blog, “Marcilicious,” which chronicled life in Mexico, China and a special Project 365 during our engagement and wedding. Then life happened and I let it fall away, but I’ve always missed it. I missed the writing. I missed the photography. Bring me back the things I loved! ….so here we are….on the eve of a new adventure, five months in to an already great year and a new blog to capture all of the crazies along the way. I’m glad you’re here, but mostly I’m glad that I’M here and happy.