# winter is coming

Joe and I consider ourselves masters of adaptation. We have used charades to find an apartment in China. We’ve hauled our pale butts to the warm sands of South Beach. (Torture, I know.) We’ve made friends with neighbors when looking for a corkscrew in Italy. (Chris…) We manage to make whatever situation we’re in work and we love the adventure that comes with being nomadic. That’s why finding out we’ll be moving to Utah next month didn’t really phase us at all. Except for the cold.

Can we please talk about winter?

Things really seemed real to us when we spoke with a couple about a property and they said they spend the… “SEVEN or EIGHT months of winter in Hawaii.” I’ll let that sink in. …  7 or 8. … 2/3 of our year will be winter. I can’t even let my brain go there right now.

After spending most of our together-time (haha) in subtropical climates, Joe and I are not really on board with winter in general. Most people respond to Joe with “But you grew up in Michigan?!” and to this Joe replies, “that just means I know how horrible it is.” Me, on the other hand? Cincinnati’s snowstorms are the closest I’ve been to madness, until now.

Winter. Is. Coming.

Game of Thrones Marci and Joe
Photo credit  Bad Photoshop credit? All me.

Oh hey, Joe Snow. Unfortunately, this move won’t be like watching or reading Game of Thrones where you ask yourself “is Winter ever really coming?”

There are so many wonderful things about Utah that we’re excited to experience, but I assure you there are some anti-cold posts in this blog’s near future. Outdoor football games in November and December? Bring it on. Walking my dog in feet of snow for months? Sure…Bella loves snow. I know we’ll adjust. That thin blood we developed in Florida will adapt in time, but until then you can find me wearing snow pants under a heated blanket until Spring arrives. Pass the hot chocolate.


2 thoughts on “# winter is coming

  1. I’m sure you’ll both brave the snow like the wildlings brave the north beyond the wall. You guys are troupers, and with all the other places you’ve lived, you’d master Utah with no sweat! (literally…)
    Photo: Love it! LOL We never did get to the Photoshop tutorials, huh?

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