# welcome to Logan

I’ve now had a few weeks (2 to be exact) to explore our new home. While I haven’t figured it all out yet, I thought you might want a few highlights. A quick Google search will show you many gorgeous photos of the entire Cache Valley, but here’s our five-minute tour of Logan. Here we go!

Welcome to Romney Stadium at Utah State University — Joe’s soon-to-be Home Away From Home. A little different than CNU, eh guys?

Romney Stadium at Utah State University

Romney Stadium 2013 Schedule for Utah State University

I couldn’t give you a tour of Logan without showing you the important LDS landmarks. This is the famous Temple: closed to the general public and even some LDS folk. It sits atop a very high hill overlooking the entire Valley.

LDS Temple in Logan, Utah 1

This is the LDS “Stake Tabernacle” and is open to the general public. I haven’t been in yet, but I plan to check it out. In fact, I’m curious to go to an LDS service sometime, just to see what it’s like. In general, the Mormons we have met are all extremely nice and no one has asked us about religion or exhibited any pressure at all. They are just very helpful and sweet.

LDS Tabernacle in Logan, Utah 1

LDS Tabernacle in Logan, Utah

While most of Logan looks like any other town, it does have a very iconic, old-fashioned Main Street across from the Tabernacle. I love the old Utah Theater (which happens to be my only East-facing photo, so you barely can see the huge mountains in any of my photos — #fail).

Utah Theater in Logan, Utah

Main Street in Logan, Utah

This photo was an after-thought when I crossed the street and realized you could see the old façade better from that angle. Busy traffic = bonus.

Main Street 1 in Logan, Utah

Here’s our humble abode. (Photo courtesy of our property management.) I will do a big house tour post at some point…after the sea of boxes goes away.

Utah House

That’s all for now! Consider your Utah Passports stamped.

*Photos taken with my Nikon D80, 12-24mm/1.4 (dust-speckled) lens*


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