Friday Five: Non-Family Trips

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

In honor of summer adventures and our own week-long road trip to move out here, I thought it appropriate to chronicle my favorite non-family, non-honeymoon trips. (Those could have lists all their own.) Ironically, when I started making my list I realized that three of the trips were in the same summer. Lucky year, I guess.

5. Euro Tour

While employed by the Chinese government, Joe and I had the distinct pleasure of touring Europe as part of Shenzhen’s finest.  We traveled as only the Chinese do – fast, furious, wearing matching jackets and with cameras around our neck. In those few weeks we saw Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. While I know I never want to travel again as part of a foreign government entourage, it was a pretty memorable nonetheless.  Here’s how I like to remember the trip…
CIMG8419 (2)

…and here’s what it was really like.

4. San Fran

Joe and I visited San Fran in summer of 2011 for the IHS conference, where we walked and ate our way across “Everyone’s Favorite City.” We were joined by good friends Bobbie, Maria, Cat and Katy to share in the fun. And by fun, I usually mean eating and drinking.
San Fran A-Team

3. Sanibel

Ah, Sweet Sanibel Island. One of the best parts of living in South Florida was our proximity to Sanibel’s glory. We were able to visit many times, but one of my favorite times was with Bobster and Ica to ring in my 30s. There are far worse places to move into a new decade, I assure you! Love these girls.

2. Wilmington

This is a non-family trip list, but I don’t count my trips with Aunt Pam as a typical family trip. We’ve been all over together, but the trip that started it all still holds a very special place in my heart: Brandywine Valley — home of my beloved Wyeth artists. Fine Art, Fine Wine and Fine Food – that’s how Pam and I roll. And, speaking of rolling, one of the most memorable parts of that trip was when Pam had me get out of the car to take a picture of a colorful tree and proceeded to roll the car over my foot.  I could do an entire list of Pam & Marci trips, because there are too many funny moments like that to share.
Delaware Tree

1. SibSab – Orlando

The non-family family trip! My siblings and I never get a chance to be together – just us. When we’re all in town—which is rare in itself—we find ourselves bouncing around from house to house without a chance to just chill and be the kids we still think we are. So, when Bryan and Joe were both celebrating major graduations, we thought we’d move the Kid’s Table to Orlando and visit Mr. Potter’s Wizarding World. As avid fans of the books, it was the perfect destination to throw all responsibilities to the wind and just let loose. I hope we can make these Sibling Sabbaticals (a.k.a. SibSabs) a tradition.  If you have 13 minutes to spare and want to see how obsessed five adults can be about Harry Potter and each other, enjoy this video slideshow I made from our trip.


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