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Do you guys read Buzz Feed? It’s one of those highly-entertaining traps on the interwebs, whose random, but always spot-on observations leave you browsing for days. Seriously, check it out if you’ve never been on there.

A few weeks ago, they published a list of 25 Things Mormon Girls Love. Well, how appropriate. It was all fun and games going through the list until I realized that I also love about half the things included. In all honesty, most girls between the ages of 18-35 probably love these things. But, it made me feel like maybe we’re not so different after all and it at least gave me some talking points whenever I find myself needing to bond with a sistah.

Here are the ways in which I’m apparently like Mormon girls. Please note when checking out the original list that there are several things that I absolutely can’t stand, like numbers 6 and 11, and Joe wants it to be known that he had nothing in common with their list of things Mormon Bros love, except maybe his mom and hanging out. Who doesn’t love those?

Pinterest:  Hellllllllo. Pinterest is my ultimate escape. Now that Google Reader bit the dust, I use it to catalog my blog recipes and collect design inspiration. What girl doesn’t think that Pinterest is the best thing ever??

Diet Coke: Guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty. I go back and forth in my drinking of diet coke, but right now it’s on like Donkey Kong and I love it. I will be trying to phase it out completely by the Fall, but they don’t have to know that. Hell Heck, even I’m trying to not know that right now.

FroYo: Again, who doesn’t like frozen yogurt? Except my cup never looks so pretty as their example. I eat my FroYo like a child – completely covered in multi-colored sprinkles and gummy bears. This is no place to act like an adult.

Target: I did love Target, but Logan doesn’t have one. (….waiting for that to sink in…) The nearest one is an hour away! I don’t love it *that* much! #denial

Cute Handwriting: Ahhahahahah! Handwriting! Those that know me well, know what handwriting means to me. I guess I don’t have to love it in silence anymore. #winning

Photography Side Business: Yeeeeah, I’m working on it.

Cupcakes: These are up there. I mean, Julisa and I did create NWS’ Cupcake Fridays that are STILL going on to this day. You’re welcome.

Blogs: These have always been a big love of mine. Before Google Reader died while we were trekking across the country, I probably read over 100 that ranged in topics from food, photography, food photography and books to my friends and their families’ personal blogs.

Swimsuits by Jessica Rey: Totally random, but I just was recently introduced to her modest line of swimwear and I fell in love. If they weren’t already sold out, I’d probably be the owner of this, this or this.

So, while I feel like I may be a fish out of water up here at least I know there are general points where we’re all the same. Girls just wanna have fun. Now, who wants some FroYo?

Side note: DTRs? “Define the Relationship.” I just saved most of you a Google search.


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