Friday Five: 80s Movies (that will haunt you)

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

I’m kind of a movie-holic. Not in a must-be-at-the midnight-showing sense, but a let’s-watch-our-favorite-movies-over-and-over way. This isn’t a new thing, either. Sean, Wallis, Joe and I were recently regaling each other with the top movies of our childhoods and decided on an 80s movie marathon. We each got to pick one of our favorites to share; the lineup was: The Last Star Fighter, Worst Witch, The Breakfast Club and Labyrinth. About 6 hours in of 80s awesomeness we all agreed: these movies are pretty messed up. Here are five of my favorite movies from my childhood – disclaimer: this ain’t no Pixar.

5. Hugga Bunch

One day while working at NWS, I had this weird memory of a caterpillar puppet that was a librarian. I knew it was something from when I was a kid, but that was all I could remember. Trusty friend and internet-search-sensation Julisa came back with this gem that I had totally forgotten about, but absolutely loved. Now, like most of the others on this list, it just seems overly freaky. Here’s a hilarious review, but thanks to the powers of YouTube you can now watch the entire thing online.

4. Dark Crystal

This one was pretty much on everyone’s list of favorites, but continues to weird me out to this day. Thanks, Jim Henson.

3. Return to Oz

Move over Judy Garland, Fairuza Balk is in the house. Poor old Dorothy Gale is back in Oz and not a flying monkey in sight. She now has to defeat an updated lineup of villains, including a street gang of Wheelies, a Rock-like King and Mombi. Don’t know Mombi? Let me introduce you to her:

And, here’s where it got even more freaky:

2. Alice in Wonderland, TV series

The last two movies in my list are special in the fact that my sister, brother and I still quote them. We still know their songs, still recite their weird little lines to each other…they are forever embedded in our consciousness. We all know Lewis Carroll was smokin’ something when writing this famous tale, but what’s Carol Channing’s excuse? (Side note: Can you believe Carol’s still kickin’ it? I had to wiki her crazy ass to believe it.)

The fact this clip, that my brother and I recite all the time, is titled “Nightmare Fuel” absolutely kills me. Spot. On.

1. Worst Witch

Fairuza Balk must have been the Dakota Fanning of my generation, because she’s baaaack…and she still can’t act. Regardless, I love this movie. I watched it overandoverandoverandover as a kid. Perhaps it prepared me for a love affair with the world of Harry Potter? Here’s one of the best worst memorable parts of the film, featuring a now-regretful Tim Curry.

Honorable Mentions:

Flight of the Navigator, Short Circuit, Teen Wolf, Gremlins, Summer School, Neverending Story, Goonies, Mr. Boogedy

What are your favorites??


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