# wind caves

Yesterday was the day. The day I donned my big girl panties, inhaler and “shrek shoes” and set out to enjoy nature. Altitude and asthma, be damned.

Since the change in altitude knocked me out when I got here, playing my horn and running on an elliptical machine had been about my most strenuous activities to date. Both still leave me a little lightheaded and short-of-breath, but it was time to be outdoorsy and embrace our new home…without the comfort of air conditioning.

Joe and I teamed up with the Vores to climb to the Wind Caves in the Cache National Forest, which was called a “moderate” hike that reached an elevation between 6,500-7,000 feet. Apparently the internet can’t agree on a number.

In the end, it was awesome and totally worth it, but I’ll be honest…the trek up there? It was the I’m-Winded Caves. And the whole operation almost was called off (by me, and only me) when Joe saw a snake cross our path. But once we reached the top, it was glorious and then it was an easy romp down the mountain, other than the usual pressure on feet and knees that comes with it. Here are some pics of our grand adventure. I’m ready for Round Two.

All smiles as we start off
Wind Cave Hike 1

It’s not *that* far
Wind Cave Hike 2

It really is this beautiful and colorful here
Wind Cave Hike 3

Two of my faves
Wind Cave Hike 4

Time for a few photo-ops
Wind Cave Hike 5
Wind Cave Hike 6

We made it!
Wind Cave Hike 7

Lunch and a much-needed shady break
Wind Cave Hike 8

Enjoying the time off our feet
Wind Cave Hike 9

Wind Cave Hike 10

Caught in the act
Wind Cave Hike 11

Joe offering a little size perspective. That line of glare at the edge of the cave? Straight drop off. #scary
Wind Cave Hike 12

Wind Cave Hike 13

Wind Cave Hike 14

Photobomb by Joe
Wind Cave Hike 15

Wind Cave Hike 17

Time to head back down
Wind Cave Hike 18

But not before a quick selfie!
Wind Cave Hike 19

Our only other visitor other than the snake
Wind Cave Hike 20

Almost there
Wind Cave Hike 21

Wind Cave Hike 22


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