# band camp 2013

Band Camp7

Exciting news from Utah: We have survived Band Camp 2013! No matter where we live, this week is, and always will be, one of the most stressful of the entire year – just the nature of the job. The days start around 6 and end around 9, and then Joe comes home and stays up all night writing drill for them to learn the next day. It makes for a long week, but luckily Joe had younger brother Lee here to help. They make up one half of The Brothers Falvey, but they pack a powerful punch as a teaching team.

The Brothers Falvey

Lee was our Best Man three years ago, when he proved there’s at least two Falveys who can put up with a manic Marci under stress. 🙂 He’s the Boomer to my Sooner and such a funny, sweet guy. Here’s Lee doing his thing…

Band Camp11

…and here’s Lee being, well…Lee.

Band Camp10

I love to hear Joe called Dr. Falvey. I’m not sure when I’ll get used to it, but it hasn’t happened in three years.

Band Camp3

Band Camp14

You can finally see the mountains!

Band Camp13

For the most part they had gorgeous weather–it can be so beautiful here. Just incredible.

Band Camp12

Band Camp8

Band Camp2

Until the last few days of the camp when we had some serious rain showers.

Band Camp15

The best breaks are those spent resting in the grass.

Band Camp1

This is pretty  much what every night looked like at our place. Exhaustion, backpacks and puppy cuddles all around.

Band Camp16

Come back soon, Lee! We loved having you here and insist you visit again so we can show you more of Utah than the band field and our house! #Boomer #Ripcord #WeLoveYou

Band Camp4


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