# homecoming weekend

What a weekend we’ve just had! It was the first home game of the season. It was homecoming. My mom and Mike were in town. LOTS of excitement and action…and here are all the photos to prove it! Warning: There’s a lot!

On Saturday morning, my mom, Mike and I headed to Main Street for the big USU Homecoming Parade.

Homecoming Parade 1

Joe’s band was one of the first groups. It was really overcast, but luckily it didn’t end up raining at all during the parade. (More on that later.)

Homecoming Parade 2

Homecoming Parade 3

Homecoming Parade 4

The USU mascot never fails to entertain. I wish I had better pictures of him jumping around and doing the splits. Quite impressive.

Homecoming Parade 5

Here are our local politicians working together…literally. I thought this was so clever.

Homecoming Parade 6

Homecoming Parade 8

Most kids caught candy from the passing floats and groups, but not me. I caught a tub of ice cream! It’s from USU’s famous Aggie Ice Cream and also happened to be my favorite flavor: Aggie Blue Mint. We were in heaven. Ice Cream at 10am? YES!

Homecoming Parade 9

Out of all the groups, these gymnastics floats worried me the most. They had kids (and adults) doing back flips and trampoline jumping madness on moving trucks! They were one bad jump or flip away from concrete. Super scary.

Homecoming Parade 10

Homecoming Parade 11

This parade wasn’t all fun and games to a few. Check out these happy campers:

Homecoming Parade 7

Homecoming Parade 12

This poor guy was absolutely mortified to be in the parade. It was pretty pathetic and hilarious all at once.

Homecoming Parade 13

On to the game that night! (Click on the photo below to really see the panoramic view from my seat at Romney Stadium. Pretty incredible.)

USU Romney Stadium Panorama

It was all clear skies as we waiting for the game to start. Too bad it didn’t stay this nice for the entire game.

Homecoming Game 1

Here’s my secret service agent getting ready for pre-game. The kids told him he looked like Smith from The Matrix. haha

Homecoming Game 2

Homecoming Game 3

Go Band!

Homecoming Game 4

It really amazes me to watch Joe in action. He’s so cool and confident, despite being in front of all these eyes.

Homecoming Game 6

Performing for the student section — to the loudest cheers I’ve ever heard.

Homecoming Game 7

See those clouds? That would very soon be a problem. All hell broke loose (weather-wise) right before halftime! 😦

Homecoming Game 9

The band performing “Starships” and music from Les Miserables at halftime. Too bad a lot of the crowd was emptying out due to the pouring rain. The band was fabulous and the Aggies went on to win 70 to 6 against Weber State.

Homecoming Game 11

The next day we took Mom and Mike to explore USU’s campus. Here’s “Old Main” — the big tower on campus that you can see all across Logan.

USU Campus 3

This “A” statue has been on campus since 1916, I believe, and tradition states you’re supposed to meet your true love there at midnight during a full moon for a kiss that will seal your “True Aggie” status.

Mom and Mike at USU

The campus is gorgeous right now. Flowers everywhere, which I always love.

USU Campus 1

USU Campus 4

Things not pictured from their visit include all of the great food we had, including beef tongue tacos at La Tormenta (#notme), brunch at Herm’s (my favorite), lunch at Great Harvest and dinner at Elements. Since these are our favorite places, we will surely be back with our next visitors: my dad and Joe’s mom!  A big thank you to my mom and Mike for spending Homecoming Weekend with us! We had a great time and hope you did too!


3 thoughts on “# homecoming weekend

  1. Great pics! I love your mom & Mike’s USU spirit with the shirts and hat. 🙂 Joe looks like SUCH a badass — the Matrix reference cracked me up. I would have had to cover my eyes as that gymnastics float passed by and that poor, miserable kid is hilarious!! Gorgeous pick of “Old Main”…can’t wait to visit someday!

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