Friday Five: TV Series We Love

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

It’s still Friday in Utah! Despite a crazy day, I’m determined to stay on track. This weekend is big, people. Sunday will mark a very special occasion: Dexter has its final episode. Did you think I was going to say my birthday?! No, this is much bigger.

We don’t typically subscribe to Showtime—normally watching Dexter once it comes out on DVD—but I didn’t want to risk finding out how it ends from my entertainment magazine or the pop culture websites I scroll daily out of habit. Joe got me a subscription for my upcoming birthday and we’ve been not only catching up on this entire season of Dexter, but we’re also catching up on Homeland—which works out well, these marathons, because I am currently on 72 hours bed rest. More on that soon, I promise, but while I’m between rounds of medication, I’m going to list the top five TV shows Joe and I love.

TV is like a hobby for us. We love submerging ourselves in the shows and characters we love. I think it stems from living overseas and the feeling of connection it provided. Connection to the U.S., connection to each other, connection to the English language. We just loved it, and still do. We’re not big on going out and some of our other hobbies tend not to line up so well—sports (him), reading (me), etc. Not even all of our shows line up. I like Downton Abbey and Modern Family. He loves watching Walking Dead and Revolution. And then there are the cooking shows…that could be another post on its own. (As well as all the shows we have yet to watch, but want to.)

Here are the shows we’ve loved together over the years:

5. Game of Thrones

There is something very special about falling in love with a book series and finding its screen version does it justice. It’s some kind of pride and satisfaction that it wasn’t butchered. I felt that way about Lord of the Rings, Julie and Julia, Harry Potter (for the most part) and the first movie of Hunger Games, but I really have loved seeing the George R. R. Martin’s Westeros world come to life in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The books are no joke. 1200+-page tomes of awesomeness and HBO has managed to make it work. Sure, there are changes, but to me they seem small for now and I love the casting. I’m glad I read the books first, but I think non-readers would love it as much. It’s just that good. There are two more books on the horizon, but luckily the show creators know the ending straight from George himself. Thank god.

4. Tosh.0

I never laugh so hard as when I do when I watch Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. Not familiar with it? It’s like “The Soup” for YouTube. Daniel Tosh—a hilarious comedian on his own—scours the internet for the funniest, nastiest, most dangerous videos and then offers his spot-on, sarcastic commentary. We love this show and even got to see him live in Miami a few years ago. If you like sarcasm and enjoy being amazed at the human race – this is a show for you.

3. Dexter

It’s hard to figure out the order of the top 3. But, since I plan to dedicate an entire post to this show over the weekend (bed rest permitting), I’ll put this at #3 for now. More soon on why this show is so beloved between both Joe and myself. Here’s a hint: Michael C. Hall. That’s no spoiler, though. He’s worth every hour throughout the last 8 seasons.

 2. Lost

Do you remember when Lost started? It was water-cooler mayhem. Everyone and their dog were talking about it…except us. I think it was Joe’s brother, Lee, that told us to try it. So we did. I believe we checked out the first season at the library and somehow managed to catch up over multiple seasons so we could start watching it live. It was the closest thing to a drug addiction I’ve ever had. (You’re welcome, Mom & Dad.) I was fascinated by the story telling and the characters. So much so, I’ll let that finale pass without mention.

1. 24

This show began our love of TV marathons. When we were in Mexico, we had a limited number of shows available to us, but this was on and Joe got hooked. I remember him skyping to tell me about it and soon enough, when we were there together, it was part of our relationship. I can remember us taking the DVDs with us to Italy and watching it late at night with our window open. A guy we knew who was also playing in the festival told us it was freaking him out to wake up to gun shots in the middle of the night. Ha! Jack Bauer will always be worth it. Funny story: Both 24 and Lost ended their series while we were on our honeymoon. You better believe we weren’t going to miss it, even for that. So we would eat our dinner in a frenzy trying to make it back to our room in time to…watch TV. I know the strangers we shared a table with thought we were sex-crazed. (Sorry, Mom & Dad) But, we were crazed about these shows that we had bonded over for years.

Honorable Mentions – Other favorites:

Archer, Face Off, The Tudors, The Bridge (our Summer 2013 crush), Homeland, Revenge and True Blood

It’s time for more meds, which means the loss of all things coherent. What are your favorite shows? I have a lot of time to fill over the weekend. For now, I’m going dark. (Thanks, Jack Bauer.)


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