# fall-ing for Utah

We are fresh off our second round of visitors! My dad came up last Wednesday and stayed till yesterday afternoon. I was particularly looking forward to his visit because not only do we love the same things (photography, music, good food, etc.), but also because I rarely get him all to myself. It also was the perfect incentive to break away from Couch Camp 2013 and stretch my back, which is doing much better.

We had a few cold and rainy days when he first got here, but we made the most out of the sunny weekend (and a rare weekend -off for Joe) to explore the surrounding canyons in search of Fall colors. On Saturday we drove south to Ogden Canyon, but none of the colors had changed yet. #FallFail

Sunday we hit gold (and orange, and red) by conquering our own Logan Canyon. This is actually the same route Joe and I took when we moved here. The road is 29 miles of non-stop twists through the mountains and at the time I swore I’d never do it again. But it turns out that the experience is only bad when it’s 100+ degrees, you have a car full of stuff, a dog that’s freaked out and have been driving for a week. When it’s cool and calm, it’s actually a breeze…a very beautiful breeze.

bear lake map

I wouldn’t say that the colors have peaked yet, but they were definitely more vibrant than anywhere else we saw. Maybe because we’re at such a higher altitude than Ogden or Salt Lake City? Either way, color was peeking out all over the place.

Logan Canyon 1

Logan Canyon 2

Logan Canyon 3

Logan Canyon 4

Logan Canyon 5

I’m a sucker for oranges, but my dad seemed to love the Aspen yellows. They were definitely gorgeous. Here he is capturing them for Instagram.

Logan Canyon 6

At the end of this drive is Bear Lake Overlook, which towers at 7800 feet above Idaho-border-hugging Garden City and the prettiest lake this side of Lake Louise. (#bucketlisttrip)

Bear Lake is also called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” for the bright blue color of its water, which comes from its limestone deposits reflecting the sun. It’s hard to capture just how vibrant it is in real life. I also found out today that legend claims there’s a Bear Lake Monster. No sightings were reported on our trip, though.

It was dramatically colder (and windier!) up here, but worth the view to brave the elements if only for a few minutes.

Bear Lake 1a

Here’s my dad in action. He’s so much of the reason I love photography and continues to support and champion my greatest hobby.

Bear Lake 2

My photography passion falls more in the people and “moments” category, rather than landscape, so I couldn’t pass up capturing these Europeans as they took in ‘Merica and its beauty. Or Joe, as he stood like a frozen statue braced against the wind. I’m surprised I didn’t have to edit out my hair from these shots, because it was blowing all over the place up there. And, alas, no scrunchie in sight…since like 1998.

Bear Lake 3

Bear Lake 4

We then drove down into Garden City to get an up-close-and-personal view of the lake. It was about to rain, but it was still gorgeous to stand out there and breathe in the fresh, storm-filled air. Oh, and it also gave us the perfect excuse to grab a fresh raspberry shake – Garden City’s famous fare.

Bear Lake 5

Bear Lake 6

On the way to the Salt Lake airport yesterday, I wanted to stop and grab a photo of this old barn that sits on Logan’s outskirts. I love it: The Womans Tonic. They are repainting the lettering, but I liked this mix of old and new set against the mountains. Sadly, my dad was photographing it too, until he realized his memory card was in his laptop. I told him it just means he has to come back! And I mean it.

The Womens Tonic 1

The Womens Tonic 2

Thanks for the great visit, Dad! We already miss you and are already making a to-see list for our next Utah adventure!

On a final Fall note: I will continue to track the leaves and try to get a few more shots at their peak, but it may be cut close. Snow and 20-degree temperatures are on the radar for Friday, which sounds like the perfect weather for an outdoor football game, amiright? Next up: Joe’s mom arrives on Thursday!


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