# bear lake, part two

Ready for another fall photo post? Good. Here we go.

On Sunday, Joe and I took his mom to Herm’s for brunch (where I finally tackled the Cinnamon Swirl Pancake!) and then headed north into the Cache Valley National Forest, similar to what we did with my Dad exactly a week prior. The only difference? We had a major freeze last week, so a lot of those gorgeous reds and oranges were no more. Sad, isn’t it? The good news is that the yellow Aspens survived and were looking pretty darn vivid.

Bear Lake 1

Bear Lake 2

I like this view because it looks like the fall colors are rolling in like smoke towards the road.

Bear Lake 3

Look familiar? We’re back at the Bear Lake Overlook!

Bear Lake 4

Bear Lake 5

What’s interesting is that the lake changes colors depending on the weather. You might remember that when we were there last week it was about to storm and the lake looked almost turquoise. Now it was pure sunlight and bright blue. Here’s your Bear Lake weather guide, as per the information desk:

Sunny: Blue
Overcast: Green
Stormy: Aquamarine

And here’s a panorama from the top. #gorgeous (Click to see full-size version.)

Bear Lake Overview Panorama

I went traipsing into the woods behind the overlook, as my Dad had done the week before, to see the Aspens up close. Look what else I found….SNOW!

Bear Lake 6

Bear Lake 7

Bear Lake 8

Instead of driving around the south side of the lake, we decided to continue north where we quickly found the Idaho/Utah border.

Bear Lake 9

Bear Lake 10

We also found that the lake was very, very low and we could even walk out on one of its sand banks. The lake bed was covered in tiny snail-ish shells and things lost to summer boaters. The Idaho hills still had a bit of red to them, but not much compared to last week.

Bear Lake 11

Bear Lake 12

Bear Lake 13

You know what one of my favorite things about Utah/Idaho is? How big, beautiful and blue the sky is.

Bear Lake 14

We couldn’t pass up the famous raspberry shakes on our way out. I really can’t tell you how delicious this is.

Bear Lake 15

On our way home we ran into one last friend. What’s crazy is that we were the first to pull over and then suddenly it was cars everywhere, people running into the field, people standing on their trucks…poor guy got scared off pretty fast. What a sight!

Bear Lake 16

Bear Lake 17

Bear Lake 18

And with that, I think we’ve had our last visitor until next spring/early summer. No one wants to come ski? I mean, I won’t go with you, but I’ll greet you with hot chocolate, soup and blankets when you come back! The door’s always open.


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