# one

One year ago today I was in Tampa with best friends Bobbie and Robert awaiting the birth of their daughter, who was currently 11 days past her due date. I had planned my trip to come AFTER the baby was born, so we had hastily filled our days with food, movies, cooking, TV, finger tapping – anything to keep our minds busy. And then the labor pains started and off we went.

One year ago today I watched the incredible process of bringing a baby into the world. Truly the miracle of life. I saw a strong woman become stronger. I saw a loving husband become a smitten daddy. And I saw an amazing friend I met at band camp in 1997 become a mother. It was beyond beautiful.

One year ago today Robert walked into the waiting room and told me about his daughter, a huge smile across his face and relief in his voice. He had borrowed my camera for the birth and, at that moment, realized he had left it in the nursery. I told him to get back to Bobbie and I went running through the hospital to the nursery where I begged to have access so I could get my camera. No, I’m not a family member. (Not by blood at least.) Yes, I know visiting hours are over and, even then, I would need to be accompanied by one of the parents. I remember yelling at a security woman that that camera was MY baby. Turns out they frown upon crazed, out-of-breath women begging access to the newborn babies. But all ended well. Actually, it was the best ending. She was perfect.

I feel so fortunate and honored to have been by their sides in one of the best days of their life. How incredible to share their joy and feel the love and excitement that surrounded that entire day, and finally seeing the precious baby who had filled our hearts, thoughts and conversations long before she arrived.

Abigail. Abby. Abster. Doodlebug. Sweet Baby Girl. You make us all so happy. I wish I could be there today to wish you a very happy birthday and tell you how much your Aunt Marci loves you.

Here’s to the last 12 months (and the first 9 months before we saw your sweet face)! We are all looking forward to many, many more. Click here to watch a video of Abby’s first year, if not showing below.


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