# usu v. hawaii

Another weekend, another Saturday, another home game! Admittedly, this is what I want to do at football games, but I’ve learned to be a pretty good sport.

USU Game 11-2

Utah State played Hawaii, whose team was delayed in LA but made it just in time to play. I kept feeling sorry for them running around in the cooler temps and higher altitude. Here’s a little pre-game action with the school’s “Scotsman” tradition.

USU Band 11-2 A

This was my first game to attend solo, so I sat with the band again. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I’ve always enjoyed the company of low brass.

USU Band 11-2 B

USU Band 11-2 C

But mostly I enjoy the company of this guy. Can’t tell you how much I love watching him in action.

USU Band 11-2 D

Ah, drum cadence choreography.

USU Band 11-2 E

This week the band performed a new show to the student section side, which meant a better (though slightly-off-center) viewpoint for me.

USU Band 11-2 F

They only have to win one–ONE!–more game to qualify for a Bowl Game. Fingers crossed for not only the wins, but maybe a Bowl Game that doesn’t take place in Idaho. Other possibilities: Hawaii (!), Vegas (!), San Diego (!), Ft. Worth (!)…..here’s hoping!


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