# hot springs

We’ve been partying it up with our friend Sean for the last four days and while I didn’t document everything we did, or every incredible bite we ate, I have to share our big Idaho adventure.

Yesterday (while Joe was responsible and worked), Sean and I headed north to visit Lava Hot Springs, a tiny town of 400 that has an incredible collection of mineral pools. Sean and Wallis had been before, but we didn’t end up making it out there over the summer.

It was in the upper-30s when we got there and I was shivering as we walked around to check out the pools. The last thing I wanted to do was change into a swimsuit and walk outside, but let me tell you…any fear or feeling of chilled bones was completely short lived. Once you stepped into the water it felt like a blanket of warmth enveloping you. Imagine the best, most relaxing bath you’ve ever had and multiply it by 1000. And your body temperature was so raised that you could sit on the side in the cold wind and not feel a thing. It was amazing.

The facilities had multiple pools varying in heat. We both liked it pretty warm, but we could only stand the hottest pool for a few minutes at the end. Here are some photos, mostly courtesy of Mr. Vore and his iphone. They don’t really do the steam coming off the water justice, but it’s close enough!

photo 2

Hot Springs 4

Some pools had jets…

Hot Springs 5

Hot Springs 1

Hot Springs 2

Hot Springs 3

photo 2

photo 5

The second best part? Squeezing water out of your swimsuit with this machine before leaving…we’re easily entertained.

photo 1

We both agreed that it would be awesome to visit when it’s snowing. I’ll see if I can get Joe on board with that. If anything, I’ll be back to bring any future visitors to visit the awesomeness that is Lava Hot Springs. Thanks for visiting, Sean. Can’t wait to spend another summer with you, Wallis and Sophie. #012


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