Friday Five: Bowl Eligible

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

There are so many things I’d rather be blogging about…how freezing it is, the cuteness that is Bella’s new snow booties, Christmas treats I’m craving…but instead I’m going to write about the anticipation of this weekend. We’ve been waiting a loooooong time for this day to come. Because on Sunday we finally find out a very important piece of information that determines our entire holiday break: Which bowl game invitation will go to Utah State?

It’s so foreign to not have a plane ticket in hand right now in order to be home for the holidays. So weird to have my favorite time of the year dictated by football, of all things. But, this is the life we live now. Div-I, baby. And I’m doing my best to embrace it.

Therefore, I will now list my top five choices of where we might be spending our holiday:

5. New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque)

Coming in at a solid number five goes to the Land of Enchantment. It would mean a reunion with Joe’s former horn teacher, JD—maybe—and slightly higher temps than what we have right now. And, hey, a trip’s a trip.

New Mexico Bowl 1

4. Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego)

I haven’t been to San Diego since I was a child. I’d love to soak up some sun at the game and then hit up the zoo. My guess is that it’d be a lot warmer than New Mexico too, so it inched forward for those reasons alone.

San Diego bowl 1

3. Las Vegas Bowl (…Vegas)

I’ve never been to Sin City, and maybe traveling with a bunch of college kids isn’t how I envisioned myself getting there, but I’ll take what I can get. At least most of them are legal so there would be minimal babysitting involved. Chances are (har har) this is a top contender for us. I’m feelin’ lucky either way.

Las Vegas Bowl 1

2. Hawaii Bowl (Honolulu)

Could it be true?! Could USU actually get the Hawaii Bowl?! Could I potentially spend Christmas on the sunny shores of paradise, consuming Vitamin D like it’s my job?! God, I hope so. At first we didn’t think we’d have to take the band to Hawaii, but USU Athletics assured Joe they’d need a band for whatever game we make. Here’s to alohas, sipping out of coconuts and, oh yeah, warmth. Do you think Mormon kids would appreciate a good lei joke? My guess is yes.

Hawaii Bowl 1

1. Bell Helicopter’s Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth)

What, you may ask, could possibly put any destination over Hawaii? Easy…family. A Texas bowl would ensure time to see my family, love on my brand-new nephew, pass out a few hugs, eat a Cinnamon Roll or five. No sunny beaches could beat that out. Not even Hawaii’s. (Okay, it hurts a little bit to admit that, but it’s true.)

Armed Forces Bowl 1

And, look, we even went to the Armed Forces Bowl in 2007 with my family, including my Gramps who worked for Bell Helicopter!


There’s only one other option it could be and that’s Boise’s Potato Bowl. *nothanks* I won’t be joining Joe for that one. I’m not even going to post a pic of the stadium. That’s how in denial I am about it as a choice.

Stay tuned for the big announcement on Sunday! #pinsandneedles

And, on a side note, someone texted me earlier this week asking about my habit-breaking month of November. Apparently all I ever need to do is post my goals on the world wide webs to hold me accountable, because I’ve not only completely nixed my Diet Coke/Coke Zero addiction obsession (cold turkey, no less), I’m also back at the gym, waking up early and it turns out I don’t need to eat a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch. For realz. It worked! Take that, habits!


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