# tree trimming

Yesterday was my first day off in almost two weeks, not counting Thanksgiving. It was incredible to catch up on some sleep, unplug from the world and just spend some quality down-time with my two faves: Joe and Bells.

After we ate dinner, I was just sitting on the couch looking at our Christmas tree and had a sudden urge to pull out my BGC, which had been sadly packed away for a while now. Taking photos inside at night is never easy (but great practice!), so I accepted the challenge to show you guys our decorations—new and old.

Our tree is still the $20, 6-foot fake one we bought at Wal-Mart for our first Christmas in Miami. I can’t believe it’s still holding on, but it remains a good size for us since our living room is so small. Lots of people like the delicate, flashy ornaments that are all the rage, but I prefer old ones, ones that tell a story. And there are a lot of stories going on with this tree.

Christmas Decor 2013

When I was a child, our Christmas tree was covered in soft ornaments from a company called House of Hatten, which no longer is in business. My aunt worked for them, and unbeknownst to us, she bought extras of all the ornaments we had and when Krista and I got married, she presented us with bags of the ornaments we knew and loved. It’s one of my favorite gifts ever and I enjoy these ornaments the most.

Christmas Decor 2013t

We also have lots of horns everywhere…

Christmas Decor 2013f

And a cute candy-snowman couple we bought our first year in Miami…

Christmas Decor 2013d

Handmade gifts from Lily…

Christmas Decor 2013e

Christmas Decor 2013b

And an ornament tree-topper that perfectly captures the holiday in one word.

Christmas Decor 2013a

There are also lots of reminders….reminders of childhood…

Christmas Decor 2013o

Christmas Decor 2013c

Reminders of our love for each other, and of s’mores…

Christmas Decor 2013r

Reminders of family…

Christmas Decor 2013q

Reminders of Bells, our fur baby…

Christmas Decor 2013p

And, just reminders…

Christmas Decor 2013g

And, of course this little guy, who is a replica of my family’s most-treasured ornament: The Mouse in the Thimble. (A Hallmark classic from the 70s.) We would actually have contests (who, us?) to see who could find it first every year. It was all fun and games until Booh and Bryan realized I would hide it in my room all year and then have it in my pocket when it came time to decorate. #outforblood Never underestimate a middle child. Just sayin’.

Christmas Decor 2013s

And here’s our mantle! In an ironic twist, we actually don’t have a fireplace in Utah, so we just used our huge music cabinet that was too big for our study and now resides in our living room. I think it worked out well, though and I’m thrilled to have STOCKINGS for the first time ever. (Don’t let those “grellow” walls scare you…they aren’t normally so glaring. Thanks, artificial light.)

Christmas Decor 2013ia

You might remember this post about the childhood stockings from my past. I’m so delighted with how my new stocking looks. Helen Andrews of HelenHolidayWorkshop on Etsy did a wonderful job, if anyone’s in the market for a Bucilla stocking that’s pre-made! (She does such a great job, it appears she sold out her shop for the season!)

Christmas Decor 2013k

Joining our stockings are little vases I filled with tiny ornaments we don’t use on the tree anymore, as well as our first Jim Shore Santa! I think he looks very dapper up there.

Christmas Decor 2013j

Christmas Decor 2013n

This is also the first year we’ve used the items I found at Pier 1’s Christmas Clearance sale last year. We have these new glittery jingle bell stocking holders and a fun, plush Santa tree skirt that Bella’s miraculously staying away from. My bet was on those pom-poms being the first casualty.

Christmas Decor 2013m

Christmas Decor 2013l

That’s the Christmas Decor tour for 2013! What are your own  decoration favorites? Any special ornaments or stockings in your collection?


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