Friday Five: Jumble Jumble

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

See that disclaimer right above? “Order-crazed?” Yes. “Randomness?” So far, not so much. My Friday Fives have almost all been themed in some way—holidays, birthdays, food. So why not shake things up? There’s a lot going on around here right now and my brain, and subsequently this Friday Five, feels downright jumbled. Bear with me here as I dive heavy into the “crazed” and leave the “order” behind:

5. Oh, Utah

In most states, the local news discusses crime, politics, kids programs, events…you know, things of importance. Not in Utah. I find the local news very odd. For example, every weekend our statewide news channel runs a special on Utah-native athletes playing in pro teams and how they are doing. Even profiling the guys that hardly make it off the bench. I mean, I’m not complaining that there’s very little crime here, but…really? Surely there’s something more pressing to discuss? There has been one recent doozey in the news that has had me shaking my head all week. This story takes the cake. And by cake, I mean inappropriate t-shirts at the mall:

When the Shirt Hits the Fan <—- Unbelievable!

4. JK Strikes Again

Remember how I said I was going to swear of JK Rowling for life after reading her “hey-look-at-me-write-for-adults” The Casual Vacancy? I almost needed a SAT vocab guide to get through it.  And then I changed my mind after reading The Cuckoo’s Calling? It’s a good thing I said j/k to JK– she just announced she’s writing a sequel to Cuckoo. Does this mean a new series surrounding P.I. Cormoran Strike? Let’s hope yes. He’s no Harry, but he’ll do.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Silkworm

3. Jim-MAY

Have you guys been watching Jimmy Fallon? He’s killing it on the Tonight Show. I thought Jay was fine, but I definitely find more of my parent’s generation liking his style. (No offense, guys.) Jimmy is more my type and I love his sketches—it’s like a perfect blend of SNL and a late-night talk/news show. Here are some of my favorite moments from his first week:

2. Job

Next Monday, all three days from now and counting, I’m starting a new job. A job away from the home where I’ve found my office for the last seven months. Luckily my contract work with NWS is wrapping up within the next month and a half, so the timing is pretty great. I’m excited to be back in an office, working with a new team and contributing more moolah to the family pot, but there are many things I’ll miss….like holding a sleepy dog while I work, going to the gym with only old people (seriously, it’s the best) to watch Price is Right while I run, finishing errands during the week so our weekends are free. *sigh* All good things come to an end, but I’m confident that this job is another good thing in the making. My goal is to keep blogging at my normal pace—which is usually two posts a week (including these Friday Fives). Keep me honest if I start slipping.

1. Surprise! (…almost)

Remember that sneaky surprise I teased you with back in January? Well, it’s about to be revealed…hopefully by the time the weekend ends. It’s been a lot of hard work, but there’s nothing like starting a new job to give you fire in your pants to get everything finished. I’m so excited to finally share the project with you and THIS BLOG will be the first place I announce it. Stay tuned, faithful readers!


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