# a secret revealed

You know that nervous, anxious, bubbly feeling you have right before you reveal a surprise or a secret? That’s me right now. I’m equal parts thrilled and terrified to share with the world a project that’s been on my heart and taking over my free time for the last two months. It’s scary to be vulnerable—to put yourself out there. But, sometimes you have to jump and, like the lifeguard who stood next to me on the high diving board and simultaneously held my hand and scarred me for life, I’m jumping on “two.” Why wait for “three?”

So here’s the moment you I have been waiting for….


:::::::::: DRUMROLL ::::::::::


Welcome to my very own Etsy shop: Pea Patch Designs!

Grand Opening Announcement

I’ve been making custom, personalized prints for my family and friends for years and I finally decided to listen to them (and my inner cheerleader) and start selling them. It was one of my resolutions back in January, but I didn’t really set a deadline for the project until I was offered a job two weeks ago. It suddenly felt like now or never.

The shop speaks for itself and I’d love for you to check out my offerings, but first I want to speak about the name.

Why “Pea Patch?”

Last year when I lost my grandfather, I came back home with a clear sense of purpose to live a better, more-fulfilling life. I wanted to pursue the things that made me happy—find my creative outlets—and invest in the people I love most. It’s the way he lived his entire life. One of the things I always admired about him was a side business he started late in life called Fish-N-Hunt. After witnessing a friend suffer a sting ray strike while wadefishing, he began designing and selling safety gear. (Read the last five paragraphs of this story for more info on that.) And he did all of this while still working his insurance job. It began as a hobby, his own creative outlet, that developed into a thriving business that now sells internationally!

But they had some humble beginnings—traveling around to fishing and hunting shows to spread the word. It’s inspiring to think of that passion, that confidence, the entrepreneurial spirit, that leap of faith. Especially when it was pre-internet, pre-social media…pre-easy.

Fish-N-Hunt Boat Show

All I had to do was open an online shop. I didn’t even have to get out of my pajamas. What was I waiting for? How hard could it be?

Back to the name. Since I drew my inspiration from Pops, I wanted the name to reflect him in some way. “Fish-N-Hunt” doesn’t exactly translate to my product, but his nickname for their home, their family, did. You see, “Pops” is really “Paul” and he married Pat, and they had Paula, Pam, Phil and Patrick. Add those names to their last (Perrin) and you’ve got yourself a lot of “P’s.” I don’t know when it started, but somewhere along the way they became known as the “P-Patch.” And just like it was to them, I wanted my Pea Patch to be a safe haven, a place where I could be me and do what I love to do. There’s another p-word that describes the name to me: Perfect. How great did Pops look with his Pea Patch wind sock?

Pops and the Pea Pods

I had some amazing help from my dear friend and former colleague Maria who designed this beautiful logo. Guys, she DREW the pea pod. She HAND-LETTERED the words. She perfectly captured the whimsy I had in mind and I’m absolutely in love with her work, which she also shares online on her website and through her amazing wedding invitations at “To Have and To Fold.” I love creative people.


Please feel free to browse my new shop and help me spread the word. (Family and Friends: I’ll be sending out an email you can easily forward to your contacts shortly.) I’m offering a Grand Opening discount for the first five days we’re open. Receive 20% off your order when using the promo code ILOVEPEAS. 

Oh, and since we’re all friends here, please let me know if you see any errors on the site. I can’t tell you how many times I hastily typed “Please massage me,” when all I wanted was a message. 

Welcome to the Pea Patch—I’m so glad we’re here together.

Order Offer


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