Bryan and Robbi’s Wedding – Part 1

I owe you some pictures. And I’m sorry for the delay. Seems like life wasn’t up for giving me any down time when I got back from Dallas. I struggled with how I was going to post some of my photos and think I’ll break it up by day to make it easier…for you and me.  I’ll just post a few of my favorite highlights and put the rest in an online album. Leave a comment if you want the invite to see them.

So, let’s get right to it: Thursday.

Most of my family was converging in Texas on Thursday. Since it was the only time The Sibs would have a time to be around each other without anyone else, we took the opportunity to have a pizza par-tay with our parents. We wanted to take a group picture and since Booh was holding her real baby, I said I wanted to hold mine (Lily)…so Bryan decided to hold his. Unfortunately Joe was in Colorado, so he missed out on our shenanigans.


After the pizza party wrapped up, Lily and I had a slumber party in our VERY OWN HOTEL ROOM! She was so excited and it led to some rule breaking.



Bedtime came swiftly, but not before we gave some love to Linc. These two are so precious together. 


One post down. Two or Three to go.



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