# in the middle

Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging. I don’t feel like talking about a lot of nothing with people I know (and a lot I don’t…hi!). I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, including my own.

This week has been pretty unremarkable. Sure, it’s had its highs (I’ve already won the March Madness bracket at work and at home. #gogata) and lows (surprise! more snow storms), but nothing I feel deserves its own post.


Who wants a life where every week is life-changing? …I don’t.


I made a promise to myself to keep this blog going, come hell or high water snow.


Sometimes you just have to keep creating. Dreams aren’t made from quitting.

Our bacon-lovin’ friends, Chris and Chilali, shared this video recently and it was absolutely what I needed to hear. It is exactly how I feel some days. As a musician, you’d think I’d be well-versed in the art of practicing, the ability to plow through anything, but reminders never hurt.

So here I am…with you…trying to make the world a little bit more creative, even on weeks when we find ourselves between the peaks, fighting the good fight. Thanks for sticking through it with me.

Keep practicing. Keep creating. The middle is a lovely place to be. …I should know.


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