Friday Five: Baseball on the Big Screen

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

We have now entered a very special time of year for sports. I really don’t care much about them in general…we’ve been over this…BUT I do love me some March Madness and I get excited for the start of baseball. Bam! Here we are.

I’ve already written about my family’s love of the Astros–obviously not fair-weather fans, we’ve braved all of the storms with them. But, show some love…they won their first two games against the Yankees. It’s a good feeling.

Of all the sports, I love baseball most. It’s so American, so wholesome–and I love going to the games. Especially if nachos and ice cream in a mini baseball helmet are involved. I love the traditions. I love getting into the ridiculous-ness. Singing? Check. The Wave? Sign me up!

To celebrate the opening of baseball season I was going to rank my Top Five favorite baseball movies. I read my perfectly-crafted list to Joe and he was all “whoa, whoa, whoa….you’re missing a few.”  Truth. There are some baseball movies I should see before giving my final five the spotlight, so here are the ones that, I think, hold the greatest chance of outing one of my current faves.

5. For Love of the Game

For Love of the Game

What’s with Kevin Costner and baseball? One of his others currently resides in my top five, but maybe I’ll like this one more?

4. Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears

The only thing better than watching adults play baseball is watching kids try to play baseball. This is a contender. And I’m not even considering the remake for this one. Walter Matthau for the win.

3. Eight Men Out

Eight Men Out

This one has everything I should love — Baseball. Charlie Sheen, pre-crazy. Based on a True Story. Anything criticizing the White Sox. #stillbitterfrom2005

2. Bull Durham

Bull Durham

Hello again, Kevin. The world can’t get enough of you in a baseball uniform, I guess. Why is this movie rated so high? Guess I need to find out.

1. The Natural

The Natural

How can I have not seen this movie?! I know and love the soundtrack, but that’s where my exposure ends. Oh well. This needs to be fixed…stat.

I have my work cut out for me, but maybe by the end of baseball season I’ll finally have my definitive list of favorite baseball films.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Baseball on the Big Screen

  1. Robert is “uh huh”-ing to Joe’s list. I bet “League of Their Own” is on your list, no? And “Field of Dreams?”

  2. Looking forward to the top 5. How have you never seen the Natural?! I also really liked for love of the game and Bull Durham should definitely be top 5 just for the quotes.

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