It was so nice having my mother-in-law here last week. Understandably, our visitor list was a bit short, okay…blank, during the winter. We apparently don’t surround ourselves with ski junkies or snow bunnies.  But having her come was the perfect kick in the pants to spring-clean our place, fluff the guest bed and explore Utah post-freeze.

Since I had just returned from my own trip, I wasn’t able to take off any days while she was here, but this is Joe’s prime summer time before his festival starts, so they were able to explore together.

Things they did without me: visit Salt Lake’s Temple Square, hike the Wind Caves, relax in the hot springs.

I joined up with them after work for dinner, movies or TV before crawling to bed.

On Friday, we heard a bell concert at the Mormon Tabernacle in town. You might remember the building from my early-Utah post last summer.

LDS Tabernacle in Logan, Utah 1

My god, when was Utah ever that green?! I did a triple-take when the picture loaded. I’m ready for summer.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was nice on the inside. Nothing over the top. We sat in a very steep balcony for a birds-eye-view of the place. I found myself staring at those organ pipes for most of the concert.


On Saturday morning we got up early (for me on a Saturday at least) and went to the opening of the farmer’s market. It was cold and rainy, so not a lot of people out, but I did manage to find local honey to combat my ever-present allergies and some awesome red pepper hummus made from pomegranate seeds. #yum

Then the sun came out and we walked over to the Willow Park Zoo. I didn’t even know Logan HAD a zoo and was pleasantly surprised at its offerings.


Coyotes, linx, wild turkeys, all tucked away together. Well, not *together* together.


Spoiler Alert! The Ugly Duckling was really a pelican.


These baby turkeys were just born that morning! Momma was being very protective. This was the best shot I could get before she tucked them under her. FYI: baby turkey = poult.


It was Family Day at the zoo, so they had a special petting zoo. We passed by the cage and no one was around, so I admired the baby goat and lamb cuteness before moving on. Confession Time: I have a hard time with petting zoos. Mainly the part where I have to put down the animal and leave. My parents have photos of me strangling goats with hugs and then throwing a fit when prompted to move on. PhotoS. plural. And let’s just say nothing’s changed.

When we walked by the second time, a volunteer asked if we wanted to come in the pen. Umyesofcourseido.


I was in pure heaven.





Until Joe told me it was time to leave. (Are you there Freud, it’s me Marci.)

Lucky for him and Leslie, no fits were thrown. At least not verbally. I did want to take them all with me. *sigh* Good thing it’s not a permanent exhibit, or I’d be there every weekend.

Leslie headed home after our Mother’s Day brunch, but we’re so glad she was able to make it out to Logan to hit off summer. And it’s a good thing she’s gone, because now I find myself one sneeze away from a horrible cold. You know the feeling….sore throat, chills, almost-feverish, scratchy voice? I’ve been balancing here for two days now. What will tomorrow bring? Relief or full-blown ick?


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