Love Letter: Year Four

Dear Husband,

4 years = 48 months = 209 weeks = 1461 days = 35,064 hours = 2,103,840 minutes = 126,230,400 seconds.

That’s how long it’s been since we said “I do.”

Wedding 1

So, how can it feel like it was yesterday?

That week was so amazing. The culmination of six years of friendship, five of those years dating, four countries lived in, three degrees, two families and one very precious puppy.

Marcie and Joe Wedding F0162

And, don’t forget, the true pre-ceremony test of cleaning salsa out of my teeth. Despite what you were thinking at that moment, you really were winning by choosing me as your bride.


Do you remember when our late-night study sessions used to revolve around madrigals, horn history and…inevitably…scary movies? Now they include discussions on equity, investments and Bella. We were mere babes back then. Muppet Baby versions of ourselves.

Joe and Marci

It’s almost been ten years since I first laid eyes on you. First impressions are always the strongest, and while yours of me involved 80s hair and a shiny case, I admired your worldliness, not having a clue that in less than two years we’d be travelling the world together. But, before that there was Brass Choir, Horn Choir, ensemble rotations, recitals, music history classes, music history study sessions and many, many lunches. I think we’re the poster child for friendships turning into the best relationships.

Marcie and Joe Wedding F0221


I think we’ve also proven that if you can survive living overseas together without killing each other, you’ll make it for good. I love our international trials, because they are THE BEST stories at parties…still. Hell, they are the best stories to just us. I’m glad we can still laugh about China. I feel like we’ll be 80 and still laughing about China.


But no marriage is perfect and we’ve certainly seen our share of struggles thanks to our being two of the most stubborn people on the planet. Thank you for being patient, sharing blame when it wasn’t needed, and showering me with kindness, all for the sake of bringing our relationship back to balance faster.

Marcie and Joe Wedding F0260

To truly love someone, you not only accept their good, but also embrace their quirks. And you’ve got the hottest quirks around.

I don’t mind that you clutter our home with horns, because you also clutter it with laughter, silliness, hard work and love. I don’t mind that you can search Ebay for hours, because you use that same search prowess and determination to find us amazing places to live, travel deals and new jobs that take us far and wide. I appreciate everything you do to lead our little family of three, making me feel equally on my toes and safe and secure all at once.

This morning as I brushed my teeth, I stared at your wedding ring sitting on the shelf next to some lotion and floss. Something so extraordinary surrounded by the ordinary. This feeling of pure comfort and happiness washed over me. This is everything I imagined marriage to be and more. And that’s because of you. I will always choose you.

Marcie and Joe Wedding F0527

Thank you, thank you. For leading me in ways I didn’t know I needed. And loving me at times when I didn’t think possible. I know I’m a handful, but I’m glad you’re the one holding me. I love you.

Here’s to forever.


Your Bride

Wedding photos by the one and only Ricardo Serpa.


One thought on “Love Letter: Year Four

  1. What a dear, sweet 4th year love letter! You were nice to share. I wish you both (and Bella) many, many more years of total happiness. Love to all, MeMaw
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