Friday Five: First Blogiversary

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

As of this week, #MARCI is #one.


Happy Blogiversary to me!

This is my third stab at blogging and each time it seems to be serendipitous timing. My first blog chronicled my life overseas in Mexico, Italy and China, and the second was a Project 365 that captured the daily happenings of our engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. All things I would never want to forget. Tiny details forever in the interwebs’ clutches for me to browse and enjoy at any time.

So when I wanted to start another blog, I had a suspicion it would be the same deal. Life changes were a’brewin’. And I wasn’t wrong.

Since starting this little blog, I’ve:

# moved from Virginia to Utah
# said goodbye to one of the best
# said hello to one of the cutest
# been introduced to the world of Div. I
# experienced the true meaning of “winter” (and survived!)
# started a new job
# opened my own Etsy shop
# passed my brother on to his *second* wife
# surprised the bejesus out of my favorite little and BFF
# run my first 5k (and survived!)
# eaten a lot of sweets (namely these)
# taken a lot of photos (mostly of her)
# read 37 books
# written 120 posts

That’s quite the highlight reel.

I’m so glad everything is documented, so humbled you kept reading, so excited to see the adventure continue.

I love blogging and for someone who is as anti-Facebook and anti-oversharing as me, it’s a safe place for me to pour my heart, my happenings and my vulnerability. A place to call my own, literally.

I started hashtagmarci for me, my friends and my family, but it has incredibly grown into much more in a short amount of time. For today’s Friday Five I thought I’d share with you some surprising (and not-so-surprising) stats, but before getting down to the deets, I have a request. Some group participation, if you please. It’s a quick test and, to your relief and mine, no calculators are required. In fact, it just involves ice cream – my favorite kind of test. I just need you to tell me what flavor I should make (and share!) next. Seriously, how hard is that? Just click below! (Kudos to Bryan for the idea of a blogiversary poll that involves my favorite summer indulgence.)

If you know and love me, you’ll know which one to pick. (Hint: #breakfast) And if you know and love Joe, you’ll know which one he’s Jedi-mind-tricking you to choose. <insert slow hand-sweeping motion here> #Thanksgiving.  I don’t see how we can go wrong here, but I’m excited to see what the jury decides.

And now, much like the back of your high school yearbooks, here are the end-of-year awards for this little one-year-old blog o’ mine.

5. Voted Most Vocal

With 33 comments, Bobbie was a clear winner. Sean and Booh were tied in second place with 9 and Beverly rounded out third place with 8. Don’t be shy, my friends. Comment away – let’s chat! Blogging can be a lonely place without it.

Top Comments - Year 1

4. Voted Most Popular

Apparently people love themselves some coconut cake! I think I can thank Pinterest for the success of this post. Oh, and Joe, for being born.


3. Voted Most Worldly (not to be confused with Most Wordy)

As you might guess, most of my readers come from the US of A. A whopping 5,027 views from ‘Merica, as of yesterday.

But what you might not know (I certainly didn’t) is that I’ve had readers from all over the globe. Here are the countries who contain some #Marci readers.

Around the World

2. Voted Most Friendly

This blog has 62 followers. 19 of those I know and can call on the phone. 43 of you I’ve never met. How crazy is that?! I love having new friends and appreciate you tuning in to see what’s going on in my dog-and-baking-filled life. Leave me a note or send me a message! And thanks for being part of my Framily plan. Group hug!


1. Voted Best Eye-Candy

Move over, Brad and Angie! This blog has had a lot of head-to-toe eye sweeps. Like over 5,400 of them. And that’s not counting all you subscribers who tune in via email. Makes me want to blush and cover up all modest-like. No wait, that’s just Utah. Forget it. Short shorts and spaghetti straps for everyone!


Thanks for being here, my friends. I want to eat all the ice creams with you. Forever and ever, amen.

Let’s celebrate.



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