Friday Five: A Guest Post for Father’s Day

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

It’s Father’s Day weekend! I have a special Daddy’s Day post in the works for Sunday, but I couldn’t pass up another chance to visit with my sweet girl in anticipation of the holiday.

Back by popular demand, please welcome my favorite (and only) guest blogger, Lily. And just like last time, here’s the play-by-play of our conversation:

Me: Hey, Lil! I need your help again with my blog. Can you go where your mom can’t hear you?

Lily: Okay! What do I need to tell you?

Me: I need to know what you love most about your Dad.

Lily: Sure! Okay! Let me think….Oh! I know!

5. I get to work with him.


Me: What kind of work?

Lily: I help hold the light bulbs.

4. Okay, this is my second one: He reads books with me.


Me: Do you have a favorite book to read with him?

Lily: Mmmhmm. We’re reading The Wizard of Oz before we go to see the show.

3. He plays toys with me.


Me: What’s your favorite game to play with your Dad?

Lily: Hold on….hold on one minute, NoNo…..Cranium. Do you know Cranium? It’s so fun.

Me: I love that game! Okay, you have two more to go.

Lily: (talking to herself) Okay, I did that one, did that one…..Well, I have a special one I’m saving for last.

Me: Okay, what’s one more you can add before your special one?

2. He helps me.


Me: That’s a good one, how are you going to beat that?

1.  He loves me and I love him.



And there you have it! A special tribute for a very special Daddy. Thanks for all you do, Tim, for three of my favorite people in the world. (You’re on that list, too!) And it doesn’t look like too much has changed since Linc came along!

Nap time for everyone! IMG_8199

You might be the Timiny Cricket of the group, but you know I “love ya” for it, rain or shine. #3insidejokesin1sentence #StormyBaltimore Happy early Father’s Day!


Today’s blog post comes from Lily

IMG_9841Lily is a sassy six-year-old, an amazing big sister, smarter than most and loved by all.

She likes to swim, read, play with her baby brother and shoot guns like a boss.


Above sentiments also shared by brother, Linc:


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: A Guest Post for Father’s Day

  1. Um….pretty much the best post eva! I love hearing how she sees the world. This post (& the Mother’s Day one) are so special to Tim and I. Thank you for letting my big girl be your guest blogger. This makes my heart smile!!!!

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