# tony grove

Two weekends ago I took a rare Sunday morning solo trek up into Logan canyon to check out Tony Grove. After being a social butterfly all summer, it was weird but nice to just jump in my car, turn up the music and head into the land of no cell phone reception. I had never been to Tony Grove before, but our friends had all recommended it for this time of year because all of the wildflowers are blooming around the lake.

The drive was pretty smooth, albeit its winding up to a whopping 8,000 feet. Lots of families were there hiking, kayaking and picnicking. I did my best to lay low and enjoy the scenery, which was pretty magnificent. Can you believe this is less than an hour from my front door??


Inside the Grove:


As promised, the wildflowers were lovely.


People, you seriously need to come visit!

4 thoughts on “# tony grove

  1. Stunning photography Marci! How long did you have to wait for that bee on the wildflower? Also, how do you focus on the bud in the foreground, and blur the rest in the background? I just got a Canon Rebel and want to do this. Please tell me your secret.

    • Roberta! I’m so glad you found my blog! Sadly, with so many flowers around the bees were in more shots than not. I wasn’t a big fan when crouched among the flowers. 🙂 So exciting about your new camera–congrats! To get that blurry depth of field (called ‘bokeh’) you’ll want to set your aperture to the lowest number possible. (3.5, maybe, on your lens? maybe lower?) I can talk on and on about photography — maybe we can do a Skype session sometime? Have you been baking anything good lately? 🙂

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