# a love-Lee visit

Joe’s brother was in Utah last week to help with band camp, play with Bells, introduce me to a hilarious comedian and try Indian food. A success all around.

Unlike last year, there wasn’t a sunny evening for me to come take pictures, but I did catch a few photos before one of the storms.


Joe is so Utah in that hat. Indiana Joe? Crocodile Falvey?

Last year Lee didn’t get to really enjoy or explore the mountains, so this year we vowed to change that and spent his last days up the canyon getting our Utah on. The weather was finally nice, so we headed up to the Wind Caves.

You ready for some pictures?

When we got to the trail, it was a whopping 46 degrees. On an appropriate side note, now might be a good time to mention the very harsh winter we’re expected to have this year.

My view for the beginning of the hike. They were on snake-watch duty. If we saw one, it was Game Over for me.


City Slicker:



I spy Joe.




Other wind caves on the side of the mountain:


You know what live in there? Snakes. …probably. Just a hunch.


Do you know what’s on the other side of those baby trees? Shrubs, really. A drop-off. Do you like my guessing game?


Last year we saw a pretty butterfly, but this snail was the only life we saw thanks to all of the recent rain. Well, this and a lot of worms I didn’t deem blog-worthy.


We made it to the top! Right now we are directly above the actual Wind Caves.






Panoramic view from the top — not bad! (Click to make larger.)




Joe walking the plank.


It’s hard to capture just how large and breathtaking this cave is.



Lee livin’ life on the edge.




The hike took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to get up (with water breaks, panting breaks and photo-op breaks) and only 45 minutes to get down. We were haulin’ it back to the car — a point which our knees reminded us of the next day. #ouch

Since we were already in the canyon, we wanted to take Lee to Bear Lake. One of our faves.


I will never EVER tire of this view. Doesn’t it look like Bob Ross brushed on those happy little clouds?



One more panoramic view to make you swoon…or visit…or both. (Don’t forget to click on it!)

Bear Lake Pan

And it’s not a trip to Bear Lake without a famous Raspberry Shake. It’s offically raspberry season here, so this was particularly tasty. Joe and I are slowly trying all of the shake establishments.


Thanks for coming, Lee. Hope you enjoyed your mountain and puppy fix. #ripcord #boomer


One thought on “# a love-Lee visit

  1. Great post! I can tell you all had such fun with Lee. I’m not familiar with the comic, is he good? Your photos of your hike are awesome. Lily liked the snail shell one and Mikey Joe walking the plank the best. 🙂
    Glad you didn’t see any snakes…….we saw one yesterday morning in our backyard. Lily thinks that’s awesome too. YIKES!

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