# park city, part 1

Welcome to the first installment (of, I’m guessing, three) that will chronicle the wonderfulness that was our trip to Park City. Did you guess right?

Ironically, Park City wasn’t our first pick. We were originally going to head north to Jackson, Wyoming–to the mouth of Yellowstone. But in the end, Park City was a better fit for a shorter amount of time (Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon) and a shorter drive. (Can you believe Park City is less than two hours from our house?!) Both had what we were looking for: pet-friendly resort-ish hotels, but with much different price tags. I know we’ll make it to Jackson someday, but we had such an awesome time exploring a different area of our state.

We knew before we picked a destination that we wanted to take Bella. As she gets older, it breaks my heart to leave her boarded and I spend most of my time away picturing her in a metal crate. I just don’t want to do it if I don’t have to. She’s a great road traveler, so why not pay the extra money and everyone’s happier? She was clearly excited from the get-go.


We found a great last-minute travel deal online for the Hyatt Escala Resort.


We couldn’t have picked a more perfect place for us. It’s located in the ski area of Park City (not the downtown area), so it’s quieter and so gorgeous. This was the view from our balcony. #swoon


The resort, like everything in Park City, is designed in the most rustic way possible. Even the Starbucks and Domino’s look like lodges. But this was the real deal.


This is looking back at our portion of the complex. For as big as it is, it seemed so cozy and quaint. There is even a chair lift that leaves right from the back door to the top of the mountain. (Obviously shut down now without that powdery snow.)



More rusticness. I loved the fire pit, which was a popular hang-out spot every night.


Within two minutes of arriving, Bella had already made herself very welcome in our room.


The room was spacious and lovely. We didn’t get a suite or anything like that, but this room was still much larger than most places I’ve ever stayed.



Oh, that patio. We spent a lot of time out there. Bella would watch the people below and we’d stare at the mountains above. Each balcony had its own private heater and gorgeous views. And if Bella wasn’t out there, she was inside keeping watch with the door open.



I should fill you in on how Joe and I travel. We pack so much food you’d think it was the end of the world. BUT — it’s our way to not only make our favorite dishes/snacks/desserts, but it’s also a great way to save money. We eat at least two of the three meals in the hotel every day and splurge on whatever meal we choose to have out on the town. It works well for us and having Bella there forces us to spend more time relaxing and taking breaks to avoid a frantic getaway. You know, since the whole reason we’re there is to escape our frantic everyday lives. Win-win.

The first night we found a cute little place on Yelp that was just featured on Triple-D: Sammy’s Bistro.

You know what I had for dinner? Nachos and Cheesecake. No shame — it was incredible. (Joe was a little more sensible and had a special club sandwich and bread pudding.) This is what vacation is all about to me…Joe, Bella, no technology and cheese.

Next up: Day one of being adventurous, or aka “How I almost died with a gopro camera strapped to my head.”

Until then…


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