# park city, part 2

Park City is probably the most famous resort area of Utah. It’s where winter Olympians live and train, it’s where Hollywood celebrities converge to debut their new projects, it’s where people bring their families to hit the slopes. So, as you can imagine, there’s lots to do there…even when there isn’t a perfect blanket of snow around you.

Our first stop was another ski resort which offered many different family activities on its grounds. We opted to try the Alpine Coaster and Alpine Slide.

Cue the GoPro.

Do you know what a GoPro is? It’s a tiny camera/videocamera you can attach to almost anything to capture the previously uncapturable. Like the surfers who attach it to their board, or the off-road bikes you’re suddenly on, and don’t forget the skiers. A lot of drum corps use them now, attached to one of its members, so you can feel like you’re marching the show with them. Pretty awesome footage. And even though the info page for each activity already has its own GoPro footage, wouldn’t you rather watch mine??

We got one last year as a joint Christmas gift and besides dreaming of a Bella Cam, I’ve been itching to use it for something like this, which required us to get a head mount.

Even though we set up the mount the night before, I was still nervous about wearing it…and…more importantly, losing it. I tugged and tightened throughout the entire wait line, so much so that I pulled one of the straps from his holster mere seconds before boarding my car. *nice* I didn’t break it, but it caused me to tighten the daylight out of the main strap. A point we’ll revisit in just a moment.

The line was getting so backed up because people were being too wimpy on the ride, not going as fast as they could, and delaying the start time of everyone behind them. So we had very strict instructions to go full speed, let ‘er fly, and, subsequently, make me feel like I could die.

Here’s the video of the ride, which has a substantial build-up as we climbed to the top. The ride itself starts at 6:30 (but enjoy the scenic views from the start). And, with all of my gopro videos, now’s the time for the sound disclaimer. Turn down your speakers to avoid my screams scaring your neighbors.

#amazing.  It’s a small miracle there wasn’t any profanity on that video.  We read one review by a guy who rode the coaster during the winter and he said he couldn’t feel his hands halfway through. I can’t even imagine what this would be like surrounded by snow.

What you didn’t see was me clinging to the gopro for dear life, despite their “don’t take your hands off the levers” warning. I was going so. fast. In fact the camera kept slipping down my face despite cutting off my circulation. Here’s Joe’s view of my face when I finally got off the ride:


After waiting in line for so long, we hurried over to the Slide, which required you to ride the chair lift to the top of the mountain. It had just started sprinkling and we knew that they shut down the track if it started to rain due to the brakes not being able to work when it’s wet. No need to convince me further. We had to hurry.

This is about the point where I realized I don’t like chair lifts. How can anyone ride them without that security bar being down? I don’t think I’m afraid of heights, but something about being able to fall that far, that easily leaves me a little extremely unsettled.


At least the changing trees kept my mind from wandering too far. Hard to believe fall is already hitting the area, thanks to that crazy altitude and cooler temps.




Check out those ski runs.


And then it started to rain.


Get me off!


When we got to the top, we were asked to pull our cart to the tracks. They were heavy, but we were trying to hurry to beat the rain. Well, Joe was hurrying and I was taking pictures.


Look at those Aspens!


We each chose the fast track, but right before I hit record on my camera, she warned us that 8-9 people a day fly off the track, so we should be careful. Also if it starts to rain we immediately need to stop and walk down the mountain carrying our cart. Needless to say, I was a little freaked by both statements, so Joe takes off immediately and I play this one safe. It’s still a good watch, though. *Turn down speakers*

Again, #amazing. Do I not know what else to say after finishing rides?

We left the mountain on a pure adrenaline high and headed back for lunch at the hotel, a little resting, and some Bella walking. Then we spent a leisurely afternoon with about a million other people at the city’s outlet mall. Labor Day Weekend = deals = people, people, people.

Did you know that Tanger Outlet Stores love AAA members? If you’re card-carrying, hit up the Guest Services station and you’ll receive a page of 20% off coupons (for one item each at participating stores) and a free coupon book that would normally cost others $5 from a vending machine. Not bad.

We’ve actually been here before, mostly to hit up the Columbia store for winter wares, but this time we walked the entire complex and took advantage of some crazy holiday weekend sales.

Some of our favorite spoils: fleece-lined winter pants from Columbia for Joe (he was always jealous of mine), cute dresses from Loft, Columbia sunglasses for Joe, a pair of skinny jeans for $14, and an $80 quilted Banana Republic purse for….$20!! Again….#amazing. No other word is needed.


That night was our big splurge meal of the trip. Sean and Wallis had raved about High West Distillery earlier in the summer. Everyone else knew how awesome it is, too. Our initial wait time was an hour and a half, but lucky we were seated in about 30 minutes — roughly the time it took Joe to find a parking space!

The atmosphere was very dark and rustic chic, so I don’t have many pictures from the meal, but I have to share what we had.

For cocktails, Joe had their signature shandy and I had their Mountain Rose, which was a martini made with rose water — absolutely delicious. We shared an appetizer of crispy homemade pretzel with a whiskey cheese sauce — unreal. Joe went with pulled pork for dinner and I had their three-bean bourbon chili with crispy quinoa croutons. It was incredible, but all I could think of was how even more amazing it would be if it were snowing outside. Warm ya right up! For dessert, Joe had their homemade s’more (duh!) and I went with their famous “Grillswith:” a grilled cinnamon krispy kreme doughnut topped with rye whiskey vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Honey, hush.


That’s all she wrote. …for Part 2 at least. Next up: Joe and I carry the Olympic torch, zip line down a mountain and make a trip to Urgent Care. Oh, the suspense!


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