Friday Five: Lessons Learned

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

This is my last Friday Five as a 32-year-old. Monday marks my Jesus Birthday. We’re tight like that.


Many people call your Jesus Year a time for rebirth. A crossroads of sorts. I’m ready for it.

As for my actual birthday, it should be a good one–made extra special by the surprise visit of BFF Bobbie! We’re getting good at this surprise thing. We’re busy getting into all-things trouble (mostly food related), so here’s my quick take on turning another year older, my hopes for a wiser year. These are my crossroads:

5. Balance

Work is great. I love to do it (mostly) and I enjoy my side jobs, but let’s look for balance in the big 3-3. Let’s play as hard as we work. Let’s have lazy Saturdays and an extra piece of cake.

4. Cut the Crap

It’s amazing how much “stuff” you collect in your life, both tangible and emotional baggage. I’m ready to let a bit of that go as I near my mid-30s. Mid-30s! Mabye I don’t need that shirt from high school that’s SO SOFT. Maybe I can delete the photos of people no longer in my life, for better or for worse. It’s time for a little house cleaning.

3. Great Expectations

One of the most difficult lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t make everyone happy. Man, as a middle child, you know I’ve tried. I know there are expectations of me, ones I fail constantly, I’m sure. I can’t beat myself up about not being the perfect person for everyone in my life. I need to live MY life and hope people can understand and support me for it. As a somewhat-people-pleaser, this is hard for me, but oh, the freedom in it. It’s bliss. I won’t make apologies for my life, and I won’t ask you to make them for yours. #handshake

2. Dog Days

My dog will turn 10 in January. She is my life, wrapped up in a cuddly fur-covered face. I want to spend every single moment I can with her before she gets any older, before things start to fail, before the tennis ball is left in the corner. The day she leaves me will be, I know, one of the very worst days of my life. So, yes, I’m going to teach her to lick my nose to get treats and I’m going to take two allergy pills a day just so she can sleep in our bed. And I will continue to take about 20 pictures of her a day on my phone. It’s all worth it.

1. Keep the Dream Alive

As a middle child, I’ve always been a big dreamer. I spend a lot of time in my head (don’t we all), and I’m ready to make more of my dreams a reality. Read more, write more, design more, eat more, bake more….moremoremoremoremoremore. All in balance, of course. (See #5).

Next up: a post on the two USU football games (I’m currently culling through hundreds of photos), a recap of Bobbie’s visit and my birthday cake of choice. Let’s do this.

(Oh, and a few of you have asked what happened to my last Friday Five about my Temple visit. It’s staying hidden for now.)



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