# surprise trip, part Jackson

I thought my year had already been full of surprises. There was this trip to Tulsa and this trip to Tampa before the tables were turned on me for my birthday.

My dad and I had been planning his trip for weeks and since he’d already been to Utah before we were planning out what we’d do for Round Two. He arrived on a Thursday and in order for me to take Friday off, I had to work some overtime that week, so I wasn’t able to see him until riiiight before 5pm on Thursday. He pulled into the parking garage and I walked over to meet him. He wanted to see my office, so I took him through the front door and right as we were able to pass through the second door, a guy grabbed the door behind us and asked me to hold the second. I didn’t think anything of it since we were about to close and they’d be locked, but when I turned around and saw Bryan….well, let’s just say it felt like my heart exploded. I probably would have cried if I hadn’t been screaming OHMYGOD! over and over. I even dead-weighted him via hug. He’ll probably bill me for that chiro visit later.

It was such an incredible shock and then my mind was freaking out over what we’d do, how we’d spend that time together. Of course, it included good food — it always does when it comes to me and my dad! — but since Bryan and Robbi had never been to Utah, we wanted to do some new things for them. Here are a few of the highlights:

Wind Caves: This was already going to be on the to-do list for me and my Dad, but it was perfect for Bryan and Robbi, who love to be outside and who needed to see the glory of Utah’s canyons. (We went in the dead of the afternoon, so don’t mind these overly-sunny smiles.)


Typical picture of my Dad. I think I have more pictures of him taking pictures than I do of us IN pictures. #sad


100% Rugged


We made it to the top!


I’m the King of the….Mountain?


Inside the Wind Caves


All smiles as we made our way down:


A few pics from Robbi of our hike:


Our Saturday morning  was spent fly-fishing (for two of us) or baking pumpkin scones (for two of us) before heading to the  football game (for all five of us). I’ll let you guess which of the morning activities I chose. (Separate scones post coming up soon!)

Bryan and Robbi found a *cold* spot on the Logan River to do some fly-fishing. (Photo Credits: Robbi Jackson 🙂 )


That afternoon we headed to the game to watch USU play UNLV…and win!


Our view


Teaching them the Scotsman!


It was even the Breast Cancer Awareness game. Glad Bryan got the memo and wore pink for us.


That game’s halftime show was the music of Pitbull:


On Sunday we enjoyed a trip down to Salt Lake City to eat at Caputo’s and check out Trolley Square before they had to catch their flight.


I can’t put into words (for once!) how wonderful it was for us to be with my Dad, Bryan and Robbi. We are so rarely together and it was fun to just *be* — something we don’t have a lot of opportunities to do. A big thank-you to my Dad for making this all happen, for thinking of it and planning all of the details with Joe (again, apparently the best liar ever). I appreciate it so much and had a blast having you all here.

Alright, scones and pumpkin posts up next and then we can talk about Christmas, right? Or at least the fact that there’s snow on the ground?


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