Friday Five: Bowl Game

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

Saturday Cinco? Sabado Cinco? Don’t you worry about what day it is because the only day that really matters this week is…TOMORROW, when Utah State’s bowl invitation is revealed and we can start figuring out our holiday break. Many things are riding on this decision.

Like last year, here are the top five places we will most likely go. (Like last year, I’m not counting Boise.)

5. Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego)

San Diego bowl 1

We were there last year and it was a blast. There’s a strong possibility we could be going back to face Navy, since our coach is Navy’s former coach.

4. New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque)



New Mexico Bowl 1

This is supposed to be our strongest contender. I’m not sure why, but New Mexico? Doesn’t sound as fun as some of the other places. Namely….these next three:

3. Las Vegas Bowl (…Vegas)


Las Vegas Bowl 1

Strong choice if they decide to go with a Utah v. Utah State match-up there, which is a possibility. I’d make that drive to see the in-state rivalry.

2. Hawaii Bowl (Honolulu)


Hawaii Bowl 1


Dreamy, dreamy Hawaii. A long shot, but maybe the best shot in terms of a trip for the band from wintry Utah.

1. New Orleans Bowl (…New Orleans)

New Orleans Bowl

Don’t let the size of this photo fool you. It’s my #1 hope. Take me back to The Big Easy! If this is their final destination, I’d fly myself there and spend the entire time eating my way through the city. I don’t know if I’d even go to the game! ….kidding, Joe….maybe. Fingers crossed, people! Our Christmas break depends on it.

More tomorrow with the grand reveal! I’ll sleep tonight with visions of {vegetarian} gumbo and beignets dancing in my head.


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