Friday Five: Christmas Countdown

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

The last Friday before Christmas! December always seems to whirl right on by, doesn’t it? When it gets this close, though, time can stand still and drag on to the holiday. The horse has seen the barn…and now it just wants to run. I’ve written about my favorite Christmas movies and music, baking, and even decorations, so I’ll just give you a list of what stands between me and Christmas Day. Let the countdown begin…

5. New Mexico Bowl

Joe is in ABQ getting ready for tomorrow’s bowl game. Tune in to ESPN at noon (mountain time) to *hopefully* see them in action! Right after the game ends, they’ll jump on the bus and head back to Utah. It was a short trip for them, but I’m ready to have him back.

4. Working Girl

Two and a half more days and I’m in the clear! it’s been great being back in the fold, but I’m ready to not have my 5:30 wake-up call for a few consecutive days. *yaouch*

3. Office Space

I’m 90% finished with a second-hand desk I have been working on in the garage. It’s time to bring it up to the office (with the help of my OGE friends tomorrow) and get my real work station set up. This is exciting, but still a bit stressful. This will get its own post soon enough!

2. Kitchen Knock-out

This is the fun part. After last week’s post, I have finally narrowed down which cookies I’m going to make, but of course there’s Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, and holiday breakfasts to think about too. I promise to not wait a month to post the details of these meals like I did for Thanksgiving!

1. To-Do List

There’s so many little things I need to accomplish so the break can truly feel restful. I’m going to be crossing off my to-do list like Santa moves names to the naughty list–fast and furious. These tasks are nothing too exciting; just a bunch of cleaning, a few errands and a dog bath stand in the way between me and the sleeping, eating, reading and movie-watching we’ll be doing in just a few short days.

Bring, It. On. Enjoy the last holiday rush before next week!


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