Friday Five: A Cook’s Christmas

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

Guys, it’s Friday. I’m guessing most of you knew this all day, but it didn’t cross my mind until Joe asked me what day it was. Holidays tend to do this to you, I guess. I had plans for this post–the last Friday Five of 2014. I wanted it to be a round-up of all things good, wonderful, hard and trying about the last year. A survivor’s tale.

But, alas.

I’m about to fall asleep while I type, so I thought I better hold off on anything that deep until next Friday. *sorry*

We have enjoyed the last few days so much–skyping with family afar, spending Christmas with dear friends and all of our favorite foods. So much to tell you about, but for now I want to let you in on the theme of this year’s Christmas gift-giving. My family didn’t need this blog to understand and appreciate my/our obsession with food, but they clearly know how to give the right gifts for people like us.

Exhibit 1-5:

5. Table Top

These novelty items will be gracing our tables and tray tables for years to come: wavy platters (perfect for Christmas cookie trays); ceramic bowls for snacks, dips, etc.; “Foodie Fight” — a trivial pursuit game for Foodies (#us); cute dish towels; and Cherry Bombe — which I also can’t wait to share with you!

4. Food Itself

Let’s get right down to it and cut out the cooking part with these jewels: crazy marshmallow sandwiches in amazing flavors; homemade caramel corn; “Elvis spread;” oil and vinegar pairings. Just stuff my face now!

3. Ingredient Central

A dish is only as good as its ingredients, which means mine will be instantly better with the help of: Vietnamese cinnamon; peanut butter extract; organic vanilla; and homemade creme de cassis (!)

2. Cookbooks

Always. This is a foolproof option for me, and I’m happy to add these to my collection: Aarti Paarti (Indian food, yesplease!); and the definitive guides to both Mac-n-Cheese and Grilled Cheese. Dinner planning just planned itself.

1. Tools

The tricks of my trade just got a lot easier thanks to these guys: a new (incredible) blender; whisks; ice cream scoops; extra ice cream drum (because making one flavor is NEVER enough); cake decorating set; and a new spatula.

Whew! Our hearts and our stomachs are so thankful for the wonderful, thoughtful gifts. You know you, as blog readers, will get to see all of these items in action.

I feel like I should mention I also got running shoes. …as if that balances out all of the above. 🙂

Grateful for another generous Christmas and the joy of cooking, baking and eating. More soon on all of our holiday happenings. Hope you all had a wonderful week — and HAPPY EATING!


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