Friday Five: Miami Eats

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

I found out this week that my first trip back to the Sunshine State will be later this month. Let the freakin’ countdown to friends, warm weather and THE BEST FOOD EVER begin.

Seriously, after my initial happy dance, Joe’s initial “I want to go!”s, and the excitement over seeing all of my wonderful friends from NWS, I immediately started thinking about the food. I know there are SO MANY places to eat and my friends will have their own list of places to go, but here are all of our old haunts that–at some point–I want to revisit. Maybe not this trip, but other ones for sure.

Here are the places I’ll be wanting to beeline to as soon as my plane lands:

5. Skyline Chili


This is a stretch. It’s about 45 minutes outside the city, but if Joe comes with me next time I’m sure we’d rent a car and make this happen. Thankfully, I can also get my fix in Tampa or Dayton, so that’s why this comes in at #5.

4. The Daily / Lime


One’s in midtown, the other’s downtown, but I ate here all. the. time. when playing for the FGO. I’d love grabbing a huge sandwich or basket of veggie tacos and slamming it down before hurrying to the pit a 3+-hour opera. Luckily the entire section would usually go together, so no one was harmed in our dinner experiment. Extra onions, please.

3. Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Lincoln Road’s little piece of burger/fry/shake magic. Their veggie burger consists of a mushroom cap filled with cheese and then thrown in the deep fryer which results in fabulous crunch and lava-hot cheese that you wash down with custard. I’ll definitely be having lunch here while I’m in town.

2. Books & Books


I can’t tell you how many great conversations I’ve had over lunch at Books and Books on Lincoln Road. Great spot for people watching and the food is always incredible. It’s actually what Joe and I ate on our picnic the day we got engaged. Special food for a special place.

1. Big Pink


Ding-ding-ding. My number one Miami meal: Brunch at Big Pink. Seriously, I loved it here (for any meal) and hope it’s my last stop before heading back to the airport for Utah. I can already taste it. *smack, smack*

Get ready, Miami…I’m coming for you!


9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Miami Eats

  1. I’ve never had a mushroom burger cap filled with cheese, but your photo could turn me vegetarian. Did you take these lovely photos during your last visit? Photography is stunningly terrific!

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