Friday Five: Favorite Film Couples

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, love is in the air. And with the Oscars around the corner, so are movies.

Tomorrow Joe and I will celebrate the day our way with a special homemade meal and movie night. In thinking of my favorite films, the ones that touch me the most, I realized that so few of them are romantic. I guess I’m not naturally drawn to the lovey-dovey stories and their happily-ever-afters.

There are a few exceptions. A handful of on-screen couples whose love tips me over the emotional-wreck scale and leave me longing for more. In honor of Valentine’s Day and the impending Oscars, here’s who I watch to get my sap on:

5. Nickie & Terry

Affair to Remember

Oh, Cary and Deb. You are the real deal. The first of my favorite couples to fall in love on a transatlantic liner, but, as you’ll see, not the last. This is classic, melt-my-heart cinema right here. (And inspired a slew of other adaptations that were just as good, like this gem.)

4. Noah & Allie

Título: El Diario De Noa

I don’t fancy myself a Nicholas Sparks fan, but holy moly is this story beautiful. The book is wonderful–seriously–and the movie does it justice, especially with such impeccable casting in Hey-Girl Ryan and Rachel, who, at the time, was his real-life Allie. Swoon for days.

3. Tony & Maria


When not snapping or singing along to this film, I’m crying. In fact, this is my choice for tomorrow’s movie night. I’ll never get enough of the music, the dancing, the acting and Tony and Maria’s rebel attraction. When “One Hand, One Heart” starts playing, I’ll be that pool of mush on the floor. Don’t be alarmed. It happens every time.

2. Jack & Rose


Boom. You knew it was coming. I’ve already written about how this film broke my fragile, 15-year-old heart. Well, it’ll never stop. Jack and Rose’s story is so lovely, despite its tragic demise. Joe has never watched this with me. I think he fears my own waterworks would drown us both. (Too soon?)

1. Harry & Sally

Harry Sally

My college roommate and I had this movie completely memorized. We watched it almost every week together and when she started dating her future husband, she changed her Nokia phone ringer to Auld Lang Syne in honor of its fateful scene (spoiler alert). I’m a big Nora Ephron fan, but this one takes the cake in my book when it comes to love stories. Best couple, best story, best chemistry, best love. Ever.

Here’s to a love-filled, sappy Valentine’s Day!


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