Friday Five: Oscar Race 2015

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

I’m beginning to think I need a “movie” category to this here blog. I clearly like to talk about them as much as food and books.

Who’s excited for Sunday’s Oscars? I’m really not that thrilled to watch NPH host, but I can’t wait to see who wins the races of the year: Best Picture and Best Actor.

Last like year, Joe and I haven’t seen all of the contenders, but we like to cast our vote anyway. Let’s do it!

5. Best Supporting Actress



Joe’s vote: Emma Stone
Marci’s vote: Patricia Arquette

Sorry, Joe, you’re just wrong on this. Patricia has won every award for this role leading into Sunday, so I’m not anticipating the voters to change their tune now. She pulled from her own life experiences to play a broken, but hopeful mom in Boyhood, a role that’s won over just about everyone it seems.

4. Best Supporting Actor



Joe’s vote: J.K. Simmons
Marci’s vote: J.K. Simmons

As two music-school graduates, Whiplash might hit too close to home. I think we’ve both had maniacal teachers at some point, but damn if it doesn’t make for golden Oscar fodder!

3. Best Actress



Joe’s vote: Julianne Moore
Marci’s vote: Julianne Moore

Another category we agree on! She’s waaaay past due on receiving this award and always gives the most heartfelt award speeches. Can’t wait to see her in this role.

2. Best Actor



Some might say that the Best Picture category is the tightest race this year, but I think it’s this. Let’s face it, statistically and realistically, Eddie should have this in the bag. Done and Done. But Keaton is right on his heels and Joe thinks (and I’m afraid) that voters will want to recognize Keaton’s comeback-kid for what it means symbolically to his movie, instead of the performance of a lifetime that came from Eddie. Either way, both will feel legitimately robbed if they lose. And who can blame them?

1. Best Picture



Joe’s vote: Birdman
Marci’s vote: Boyhood

Remember last year when 12 Years and Gravity were neck and neck? One won Best Director and the other won Best Picture. Voters felt less guilt over honoring both (in some fashion) and could rest easy that their favorites were declared public winners. I think the same thing will happen here between Birdman and Boyhood (though I wish Grand Budapest Hotel would take it). Both are groundbreaking in their technique and contain incredible performances by its cast. Joe thinks Birdman will take top prize, leaving Linklater with the Director’s gold. I think it’ll be the other way around. A house divided.

Who do you want to win on Sunday?


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