Friday Five: A Week

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

I was going to write a Friday Five about my Uncle Dick, but so many of the things I would write about are things I’ll share in a larger post, one more heavy than a list. This has been a week, hasn’t it? A drag-your-feet week that has me happy it’s Friday. So instead of a sentimental post that I just can’t write yet, you get a random list of what’s been happening. Spoiler alert: It isn’t that fun.

5. Bella

I haven’t talked about it yet on the blog, but the day after I got back from Texas Bella was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, meaning she has no feeling on the left side of her head and face. We’re going on almost two weeks and there hasn’t been any significant improvements. Luckily it’s not making her gloomy or act out of character, but she does appear a little drunk at times due to the double vision from her eyelid pulling down. It’s a sad, sad business watching your dog grow old.

4. Joe

Joe’s been in Vegas all week with his pep band for the conference basketball tournament. He’s about one hour away from walking in that door and I literally could not be happier. Especially since I have to leave early tomorrow morning for a few days. We’re two ships passing in the night these days and it’s getting old.

3. Sick

I almost made it through the winter unscathed, but this week almost knocked me down with serious cold/sinus issues. When it started I went out to buy three boxes of kleenex….I made a pretty good dent in them before I heard about Dick and then I went through them even faster. Then to make myself feel better I watched a marathon of Downton Abbey and cried my way through the last five episodes, so, yeah, that’s the long way to tell you I’m out of kleenex. But also feeling like the cold is on its way out the door.

2. Birdman

My only outing this week was to watch Birdman. Who has seen this? And what did you think? Was that really the Best Picture of the year?!

1. Home

I leave tomorrow for Dick’s funeral, which makes me happy that I can see my Dad & Co. and finally see their renovated house, eat Tex Mex, see Ica, and love on these faces as we say our final goodbyes to one of the greatest men ever.



Sorry, more (and better) posts as soon as I pull through the fog.


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