# tale of two houses

While I was in Oklahoma last week I was able to see the two new houses in my family.

First up, my dad’s remodel, which turned out stunning. They pretty much redid the entire house minus a few rooms, forcing them to move into an apartment for 6 months. Well worth it, though, to see such a gorgeous, well-used space.

This is the new living room, which used to be a smaller room that we named the “Christmas Room,” because it was pretty much the only time we used it. They knocked down the wall between it and the kitchen, creating an open floor space that maximizes the entire lower level.



Hi, Maggs.


The former living room is now a quiet reading/sitting area. It’s my dad’s favorite space in the house and I agree it’s one of my favorites too.


Especially since it’s sporting two subway prints I made them based on their favorite travel spots. 🙂


Sprinkled around the house are canvas prints of my dad’s trip photos — a great touch!


But, the best part for me has to be the kitchen. As I kept telling them, I could do some real damage in here.


D R O O L I N G.  The kitchen envy is strong right now.

I know they’re really happy with their new spaces.


Even though they weren’t in town, we also visited the site of my sister’s new house.




We went poking and prodding through the site with me saying “I think this is my room” about every five minutes seconds.



It’s also going to be a gorgeous place for them, complete with lots of land and a pond, or Lily Lake, across the street. Such exciting times for everyone!



In light of recent events, it was nice to see their safe room underway. Who knows…this space might save the lives of my four faves. (Thankfully, after this week’s storms, all family and friends are okay.)


Excited for them to be in this house so *I* can be in it with them. When do we move in??


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