Friday Five: There’s No Place Like…

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

I skipped last Friday’s Five. Did you notice? I’m hoping not. I just couldn’t do it. You know I’ve been feeling out of it and my apologies are probably falling on deaf ears by this point, but last week in Texas completely wiped out anything I had left–physically and emotionally.

We came back Sunday to a still-sick pup and a crazed week ahead of us–the last week of my season and the last week of classes for Joe. Uffa. We have even more to do this weekend to gear up for the next six weeks that will be just as insane. Where’s my tiny violin?

Before I pour myself some wine and raise my glass to be more like Stella and get my groove back, and–not to mention–neglect my to-do list for another 12 hours….here’s where I’m clicking my ruby slippers to be tonight, where I’m missing, where I’m craving: The Farm.











After being a City Slicker for so many years, maybe I’m really a Farm Girl after all? Do farms have snakes? …don’t answer that.


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