# miami trip (May 2015), part 1

Last year we learned the hard way that May is our only down month of the entire year. I think we were too wrapped up in getting through last year to plan ahead and once June hit we quickly realized our mistake.

Well, not this year! We’ve already had a jam-packed 13 days, starting with a wonderful trip back to Miami. And this time together.

Out of all the places we’ve lived, Miami has been the most important in terms of relationship landmarks. We moved there on a dare and fell in love with the place. It’s where we got engaged, where we got married and where we loved to be. I like to think it’s where we truly became ‘us.’

When we left in 2011 it was for Joe’s job and once he accepted the position he had about 36 hours in Miami to throw as much as he could in his car and get to Virginia. I stayed behind to finish work and pack everything up. I didn’t think of it at the time, but because he left so quickly, we never had a chance to say goodbye to Miami together. It was the swiftest of cuts and then we were gone.

So, after almost four years later, we returned to rock the place like we never left.

You’ll see more of this in the Part 2 post of this trip, but we really wanted to make this a nostalgic/sentimental journey…to revisit all of our favorite places (including all five of our favorite eats). Here’s how it went down…

Joe met me at work for lunch and that first Monday was mild enough for us to enjoy a picnic in the picturesque SoundScape Park right outside my building.



That night we jumped in the car and headed far north for our ultimate date night, circa 2009-11. Oh, how quickly we forgot about this tiny detail. Welcome to I-95, my friends.


But after about an hour we finally arrived to…drumroll, please…Skyline Chili, a throw-back to our Cincinnati days!





I’m sorry, but you just don’t know happiness until you’ve had Cincinnati chili. Heaven on a plate! (And their vegetarian chili is just as awesome!)

This was our view when leaving dinner. Oh, Florida…stop showing off.


Another thing we loved to do after getting Skyline was hitting up the drive-in. You have to go at the right time of year, though, or it’s way too hot. Luckily our night had a refreshing breeze while we watched the new Avengers movie.



We both agreed that our lives were so much simpler in Miami (hard to imagine, but yes) and it was fun to revisit these cheap nights out that, at the time, we thought were quite a big deal.

Joe and I spent a lot of time with Jason, who has been our close friend for seven years and who is also really close to our Utah friends Chris and Chilali from their University of Michigan days. Jason and Kate invited us to their place for dinner one night. Check out their view!


Not too shabby to be in a penthouse in downtown Miami! I didn’t get a pic of us together, or of the food, but they made the most delicious Thai stir-fry for dinner and glazed pears over ice cream for dessert. Drooool!

We also visited Jason one night at his other job at one of Miami Beach’s finest eateries: Meat Market. I kept telling them that I felt like I was chaperoning their own date.

They shared a deep-fried Porterhouse steak.


Here are our Gouda Tater Tots and Homemade Mac-n-Cheese.


And here are the boys sharing a dessert sampler. Seriously…get a room, you two!


We ended the incredible meal with a special shot: Baby Guinness, which is this Patron topped off with Baileys. #wow


Other highlights included fun lunches with my work team at Miami Beach’s Botanical Gardens:




I wouldn’t be where I am without these two guys. The best bosses and friends I could ever imagine.


We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Lime, our favorite place for quick tacos and nachos. It was delicious. Loud, but delicious.



Here are more pics from another one of our picnic lunches at the office.




That time you try to take a rooftop selfie and you forget you’re zoomed in:




Highlights that I didn’t capture on film: dinner at Books & Books with Joe, lunch with my girls Julisa and Michelle, hipster coffee with total bad-ass Hilary, and several Starbucks runs with Siggi and Michael. So much food…so few photos.

I’m feeling incredibly lucky I get to still call this place my home (even from the mountains) and also that Joe could join me. Next up: our sappy trip down memory lane and one girl’s 40-hour trek back to Utah.


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