# roommate reunion

This past week we’ve had a very special visitor in my undergraduate roommate, Emily. Before I show how Emily got her Utah on, let me present some {mostly} embarrassing old photos.

Emily and I met in the orientation line before our freshman year. Both horn players, we had practically every single class together throughout our four years and spent our senior year as roommates. We even had the same job on campus working in the music library. Here’s us on our Saturday morning shift as freshman.


Like our instrument and class schedules, our friends were mutual and we spent a lot of time together on and off the stage.


horn girls 2

Marci, Nick, Jesse, Emily

She + Me + Kim = our class of horns. (We missed you, Kim!)

senior girls

I haven’t seen Emily since 2007, so this was a special treat to have her all to myself for a week. It was like no time had passed. But here’s how we passed the time:

We enjoyed everything Logan’s Summerfest has to offer, including gourmet poutine–Emily’s favorite.



We also headed north to Bear Lake — a Logan must for new visitors.


And what do we do when we visit Bear Lake??? We eat fresh raspberry shakes!




Joe is looking mighty Utahan these days.

Wanting to see the lake up close, we drove around (into Idaho and back) to find a good spot to reach the water.


We found this perfect public park that had a boardwalk through these dry reeds to the beach.


Funny story: I hung back a bit to take this picture and heard some rustling behind me. I turned around just in time to see this huge snake (the last 1/2-1/3 of it at least) weaving through the plants. Absolute terror. I’m still replaying it in my mind.

At least the lake was nice!



I’d like to think that Emily flew across the country to visit us and watch Family Feud marathons, but she was actually in Logan for the American Harp Society’s Summer Institute. Emily is one-half of the awesome horn and harp duo Apple Orange Pair, and they performed an incredible recital of works they had commissioned. Well done, guys! (And major props to Chilali for putting on a flawless conference!)



I also showed Emily the joy of homemade ice cream and let her choose a flavor for us to make together. She picked a winner and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.


Thanks for visiting, Emily! It was so great to see you after all these years and laugh and stay up late like we did when we were mere babes.


4 thoughts on “# roommate reunion

  1. My heart was full of love and friendship, my stomach was full of poutine and ice cream, and my ears were full of horn and harp. It was perfect. Thanks Marci and Joe for showing me a fantastic time in Utah!

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