Friday Five: 2015’s Mile Marker 0.5

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

We’re halfway to a new year, which means it’s time to check in on those resolutions I set in place six months ago.

Truth be told…I’m not happy with my resolutions for this year. I’ve felt that way since I posted them here. I could have been a little more creative and specific, but that’s the beauty of this blog. Once it’s published, it’s there…living and breathing and holding me accountable.

Here’s where we stand:

5. Adventures!

I’d say we’re managing this one just fine thanks to that jaunt to America’s southern-most state. I hope this year will have more happy adventures, big or small, in the coming months.

4. Blog/Etsy!

Nope. Nadda. This one is not happening for me right now. With everything else going on (see #1), there are some days when I wish either (or both) didn’t exist. I’ve written about why I won’t let that happen…at least not now…but the urge is there and it’s strong.

3. Time Management!

This has gotten easier and though I’m still exhausted I know it’s other factors weighing on me rather than the wonky work hours.

2. Horn!

This is happening as I type. I’ve played my horn more this year than in the previous few and it’s been fun. Especially with Joe and Sean by my side and family coming up for our performances this summer.

1. Family!

In January I deemed 2015 the “Year of the Bella” and boy has it been. After being sick for 6-7 months, she finally was getting back to normal when we had to schedule a surgery last week to remove some benign growths that she was scratching and opening. Her surgery went well, but by the next day one of the shallow sutures had opened and we noticed she couldn’t hear anything. Turns out the ear treatment they gave her has this side effect…something it would have been nice to know BEFORE the surgery…and we’re hoping it comes back before the two-week timeline they gave us.

You don’t realize how much you connect and communicate with your pet through speaking until you can’t. I’ve spent the last 3 days and nights with her in the living room, sometimes just staring at her sleeping, my eyes glazed over with tears. I can’t imagine how scared she must have been to wake up in pain after surgery and not be able to hear anything. To be home and not be able to hear our voices comforting her. A few months ago Joe and I even made a list of all the words and phrases she knows (she’s got a higher vocab than most toddlers, I assure you) and to think there’s a chance I won’t be able to “talk” to her again rips my heart to shreds. We’ve shed an ocean of salt water for her over the last 8 months.

So as we hit this mile marker on the road to 2016, I’m not really looking ahead. My eyes are on my prize (Bella) and I’m taking it with her one day at a time. Here’s to tomorrow and continued recovery of her ears and my heart.


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