Friday Five: Playing Catch-Up

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

It’s been a month. A month of movin’ and shakin’. A month of almost constant visitors. A month of wishing time would slow down, but also hurry the hell up. A month of wishing Whoopi would tell me how Stella got her groove back. Because I can’t seem to find mine either.

I didn’t intend to take a break, but sometimes that’s just what’s needed. And here we are. A month away from where we were and, now, less than a month away from everything starting back up in earnest. …where’s that white flag?

A lot can happen in four weeks, so here’s the quick recap…

8. Sean & Wallis

We’re blessed with another summer with our BFFs and have been up to our regular shenanigans. I’ll post more about them in the coming weeks, but they’ve been a sanctuary for us.


7. Play it Again…and Again, Sam.

Holding down a full time job and performing in a music festival has been the greatest juggling act of the year for me. So far it’s worked thanks to some flexibility and support on my boss’ end and it’s been fun to be performing so much. It’s like riding a bike…or a Carousel.



6. Fourth of July

We’re digging deep now! We had a fun Fourth with Sean, Wallis and another local friend, Jason, with a low-key night of pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, a vat of homemade mac-n-cheese, and a peanut butter chocolate ooey gooey cake. We also watched Team America. So, you know, we celebrated in style. And somehow I have no pictures to prove it.

5. Birthday!

Joe’s birthday was soon after the Fourth and we celebrated by working! And playing a show! And eating this cake! All the chocolatey, peanut-buttery and bourbony details coming soon.


4. Visitors

After Emily, it’s been a revolving door of guests. First we had Joe’s mom and grandma, then one of my high school band directors (and great friend) was in the area visiting his daughter, and then it was my Dad and his family. Lots of trips to Aggie Ice Cream, which garners no complaints from us!




3. Kondo Method

I started Kondo’ing my life! (See #11) It’s slow going, but it feels A-MA-ZING. This was the load of clothes I donated…three huge garbage bags. Like a huge weight off my shoulders. Can’t wait to do more and blog about it.


2. Reader Fever

If you’re like me, books are the greatest escape, which probably explains why I’ve had one in hand constantly. Next week marks my next Shelf Life post and I’m excited to tell you about some surprisingly good finds.

1. Bella

Bella. Oh, Bella. When I last wrote, it was in the early days after her surgery when everyone was on edge after realizing she had lost her hearing. They and we were hoping it might be temporary, but at this point it looks permanent. This is 95% of my distress these days, as we’re both absolutely heartbroken for her…for us…for our remaining time together. This isn’t how I envisioned her final years playing out. Please keep her {and us} in your thoughts.


And since we’re coming at you from Utah…Happy Pioneer Day! (or Pie and Beer Day!)


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