# hall of fame

Yesterday was a big day for our family of Astros fans. (You remember that we’re huge fans, right?) We waited with bated breath to see our family’s all-time MVP be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


On Friday, in anticipation of the big event, the Astros posted a special Friday Fan image featuring none other than one of my very favorite pictures: Pops and Biggio. Check out that upper left-hand corner.

Pops and Biggio

My mom had already made us all shirts with the picture on them that we wore on Sunday. It was like Pops was right there with us. A cross-country coming together. (Thanks, Mom!)



We turned it into a “Share your Selfie” text thread for the ages. I love my family!


Craig gave a great speech that included heartfelt shout-outs to his parents, my other favorite Astros Ken Caminiti and Jeff Bagwell, and his many coaches down the line. If you didn’t catch it, you can watch the entire speech here.

And here’s his plaque:


“Gritty Spark Plug.” I love that. Who writes these things and how can I do it??

What a career and what a man! Congratulations, Houston’s Golden Boy and one of our heroes….B-G-O!


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