# facetime fun, version 2015

In the now end-of-summer, back-to-school tradition, I interviewed Lily two nights ago, the night before she officially became another school year older. Like last year and the year before, it was quite a riot. Without further delay…


Me: Hey, Lil!

Lily: Do you see that?


Me: Are those bunny ears? Is there a bunny on your Dad’s head? …Happy Birthday, Tim.

Lily: Yes! A bunny!

{Slight detour to celebrate Tim’s birthday and open presents.}

Me: What grade do you start tomorrow?

Lily: Second.

Me: Did you meet your teacher today?

Lily: Yep.


Me: What did you think? What does she look like?

Lily: She has hair to here…


Me: Does she wear glasses?

Lily: Yes, but not NoNo glasses…just rectangle glasses like these.


Lily: Want me to read you her letter? {Reads letter about what they’ll learn this year and names of all classmates.}


Me: Do you think “Andrik” is a girl’s name or a boy’s name? (Don’t judge me, Target!)


Lily: Boy’s. For sure.

Booh: Tell her what group you’re in.

Lily: I’m in the red group.

Me: Red. Red for power?

Lily: I’ve never been in a red group before.

Me: You’ve been in yellow.


Lily: That’s not red.

Me: …. yes…I know. …Other than spiders and the state fair and Iditarod races, what else do you think you’ll learn about this year?

Lily: The Civil War.


Me: You think you’re going to learn about the Civil War this year?! Did Poppa tell you to say that??


Lily: My tooth said it. Hey, look, it’s stuck on my tooth.

Linc: Hi, NoNo….Hi, NoNo


Me: What do you want to learn about the most?

Lily: Spiders. Not like as big as my mom’s hand or head, but this size.


Lily: If they were bigger I’d be scared to pieces.

Me: I’m already scared. Only tell me about the nice ones.

Lily: Yeah, and then I’ll terrify you….

Me: What?


Lily: hahahahahhahah


Me: Tell me about your summer.

Lily: It was the worst summer I ever had.


Me: Well, that’s dramatic!

Lily: I had a cast! And a brace!


Me: What was your favorite part?

Lily: Spending time with NoNo (Sweet girl, I’ll pay you later.)

Me: That’s adorable.


Tim: Can you see my old man eyebrow hair???


Lily: hahahhahahahahahaha!


Me: That’s *not* adorable.

Me (regrouping): What will you miss about the summer, Lil?

Lily: I don’t know.

Me: What about popsicles and staying up late? And no homework?

Lily: Yes, all of those.

Linc: Hi NoNo, Hi NoNo!

Me: Goodnight, Linc! Can I have a kiss?


Me: What are you reading right now?

Lily: Little House on the Prairie

Me: What’s happening in the book?

Lily: An Indian just told Pa that he shot a panther.

Me: Sounds intense. What will you read next?

Lily: A Magic Treehouse book.

Me: Have you ever heard of Ramona Quimby?


Lily: {shakes her head no}

Me: Up until now, she was my favorite second grader, but now that’s you! Do you think Ramona is a funny name?

Lily: I guess.

Me: Well, wait until you hear her sister’s name….BEEZUS. Isn’t that funny?

Lily: Beezus?

Me: Yeah, it’s like Jesus, but Beezus. So now you can pretend I’m Ramona and your mom’s Beezus. You can call her Beezus.


Lily: hahahaha!

Tim: We’re trying to get her to call her mom!


Lily: Yeah, and my dad wants to be called Pa.

Me: No. I’m vetoing that since he vetoed Bonzo. (long story) What else do you call your mom, Lily?

Lily: Boohbacca.


Me: Ah, her Star Wars name. What’s your Star Wars name?

Lily: LilyLeia…or something with Lily or Leia in it. Linc can be Tiny-One, instead of Obi-Wan.

Me: Sounds good. What’s mine?

Lily: Mar2D2

Me: Right! And Mikey Joe’s?

Lily: Joe-C3P21. (oooorrr C3P-Joe…close enough)


{Wouldn’t be a back-to-school facetime without a close-up of her teeth.}

Me: Do you remember how last year you had learned to speak Scotland?

Lily: Mmhmm, but I can speak a new language better.

Me: Oh yeah, what’s that?

Lily: British {starts singing really fast in an accent}


Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you singing?

Lily: Sings *this* slower.  I can sing it in English too. {tries to sing again} Wait…what was it again?

Me: That’s impressive.  Tell me what happens next month.

Lily: I’m going to your place and seeing mountains for the first time.

Me: Are you going to hike a mountain?

Lily: Sure, but not to the tippy top, just up and back again.

Booh: …Bilbo Baggins.

Me: What are you going to wear tomorrow?

Booh: A skirt or a jumpy?

Lily: Skirt!

Me: What’s a jumpy?

Lily: It’s like overalls with a skirt.

Me: Can Bella say hi to Molly?


Me: I know you’re ready, but do you think NoNo and your mom are ready for you to be in second grade?

Lily (whispering): She’s not ready! I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Me: She’s not?! I’m not either. I hope you have a great first day, though. I’ll be thinking about you. Call me with an update?


Lily: Okay. Love you, NoNo.

Me: Love YOU, Lily.

I know I’m not the only one whose head is spinning that she’s a second-grader now. I mean, I can still remember exact moments of being her age and the kids that were in my class, not to mention my crazy teacher. Amazing that it’s her turn to be in the second-grader spotlight. Shine on, my Lil!


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