Friday Five: Math

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

In what feels like a Christmas miracle, both Joe and I had today off. Together. At the same time.

After last week’s hello-see-you-in-15-hours band camp and yesterday’s see-you-in-10-hours football game, it was drastically needed.

Here’s what added up to be a perfect day. No calculators needed.

5. Road Trip

We debated going on a little mini-vacay this weekend to officially say adios to summer, much like last year’s jaunt to Park City, but I was having trouble wrangling the troops (Joe and Bells) into spending a few days in Idaho, mainly to see Hemingway’s grave. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! Bueller? Bueller? After we threw in and threw out a lot of ideas, we finally settled on staying home, but doing something out of the norm each day. I love driving down to SLC together. It’s beautiful and it’s perfect for catching up since our phones don’t get service for half of it. #utahproblems

4. Good Food

Fellow foodie Trent told us about this great sandwich place downtown that donates a sandwich for each one they sell. Awesome, I’m in. We’ve definitely found a new favorite in Even Stevens.


3. Shopping

There’s an awesome outdoor mall in downtown SLC that has a lot of our favorite shops that haven’t made it to our tiny town up north. We spent a lot of time just roaming, hipster watching, holding hands and arguing whether Joe should have this button-down shirt with Judy Doughnuts all over it in his closet. I say yes. It’s ironic! (Yep — that’s a men’s shirt…and yep — we he passed on it.)



One of our favorite things to do is binge watch a TV show together. Lately all of ours have been heavy and dramatic, so I suggested we lighten it up with VEEP. It’s perfection. I’ve cried from laughing so hard. Gary = Buster, and I love him. We’re plowing through Season 2 tonight.


1. Work?

Other than a few emails, I’ve been able to blissfully stay work-free today. Hard to do when you work from home! It’s been the icing on the cake of this truly recharging day and the start of a great weekend.


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