Friday Five: Latest and Greatest

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

Unlike this summer when I took a few weeks off just to not be blogging for a while, these last two weeks have been so jam-packed with happenings and stress and moving-and-shaking that I just haven’t had a moment to construct a Top Five list or other post…which is a shame because I do have lots of exciting things to blog about like the cutest littles coming to Utah, how my Dad now gets to add HOF to his FACOS, and some delicious treats to start my fall baking ritual. It’s all there…and by there I mean here, in my brain…but it’ll soon be here, on this blog. Clear as mud?

Here’s what has us hot and bothered lately:

5. iMarci

My employer has been borrowing/testing a Beam telepresence robot, which means I’ve been channeling the future for a few weeks. It’s ridiculous and amazing all at once. I want my family to have one so I can just follow them around the house, bombarding them with weird questions and inappropriate jokes…exactly as if I was there in person! Like everything, it reminds me of Modern Family.

What they see of me:


Not pictured: make-up or a brush (Easy, people…I work from home.)

What I see of them:



Pictured: some of the coolest people I know

So crazy!

4. Matchy Buddies

After a lovely visit to Utah, I received a call from my niece Lily asking me to facetime right away. When she came up on the screen she yelled “GOOD NEWS! I got glasses!” First of all, she is adorable and I can totally relate to her excitement in being told to wear glasses. I wanted them for years…until I finally got them. I haven’t shared that secret with her, but judging by how many selfies I have on my phone after she asked me the week before if she could borrow my glasses and my phone, I think she’ll be great with them.

Utah selfies:



Her own glasses:


I’ve never been so excited to be Matchy Buddies with someone!

3. Coming Home During Homecoming

Homecoming weekend was last weekend, which means we didn’t get a weekend! It was filled to the gills with events and, of course, the big game, which had a rain delay right when the band took its position on the sidelines before halftime. We instead spent halftime in an indoor facility. USU ended up winning after 85% of the crowd left during the delay (including me).



2. Go ‘Stros!

The Astros are wild-carding it up and making my family so proud these days. Joe and I are enjoying actually having Astros games to watch and the family text threads continue to fly. Bella is our official good-luck charm, especially when donning Pops’ hat.



1. Webbed Out

This week marked the soft launch of the website I have lived, breathed and wanted to strangle since I came back to NWS full time last December. It’s the source of constant frustration and joy and stress and pride. It’s basically my child. Lots of bugs to flush out in the coming weeks, but so far so good.

The night we pushed it live, the four musketeers of this project stayed on a 2.5-hour google hangout so we could make sure all fingers were crossed and all wine glasses were filled. Literally.


Bella even made a few festive, stress-relieving appearances.


It was so gratifying to finally release it into the world (again, I’m the parent here) and also to collaborate with such talented co-workers and say “omg, we did it.” To make up for the repeated 10-to-12-hour work days, I’m planning on sleeping all through this coming Sunday. This is your public service announcement.

More soon, I hope! But, first: S-L-E-E-P!


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