# utah littles, part 3

Our last full day started with a kind invitation from our friends to let Lily meet their new endangered desert tortoise, Rose.


Rose likes to eat dandelions and strawberries.


I like to eat at Herm’s, so that’s where we took them next!


With pumpkin pancakes and sandwiches around the table, there were a lot of smiles, but I especially love these smiles.


We rested a bit at home with some books before our next excursion: hiking.


Insert all of the heart-eyed emojis here.

Since Wind Caves were a little out of Lily and Linc’s league, we opted for the pretty Bonneville Shoreline Trail.


We had the place to ourselves, which was great for Linc who wanted to run and run and run and run and run.


Always making sure his Mikey Joe was right with him.


Seriously, it was the cutest.


This sign is about where I decided we should head back. *ah, look at the time..*



And poor Linc ran until he couldn’t…so he ran into Mikey Joe’s arms.



Oh, my heart!


Before our last bed time together, I had one last surprise. If you have kids in your life or are a kid yourself, you might want to check out Bean Boozled. It’s a jelly bean game that Sean told us about where you have to eat a certain color at the same time as everyone else, not knowing if it’s a real flavor or a disgusting one.



It. Was. Hilarious. In the online album, there’s a video of us eating Skunk Spray v. Licorice. It’s worth a watch.


The next day we said some tearful goodbyes. Namely Linc when Joe left for work. (I get it. I, too, look like this when Joe leaves.)


Group hug!


Having them here was definitely one of the highlights of our entire year. It’s a rare treat to have them all to ourselves and we loved every single action-packed minute. Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Friday Five recap of the trip by Lily.


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